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"Any comrade who wants to speak must hold the pebble. Otherwise, shut up!"His paw encountered a space in the left wall. It turned out to be a rectangular anteroom. Matthias was horrified to discover that it was full of cast-off snake skins. They lay about on the floor, dry and withered. He shuddered at the thought of their former occupants, the hairs rising on the nape of his neck as he swiftly abandoned the repulsive scene and hurried along the passage.With wild yells very uncharacteristic of peaceful mice, the friends seized their staves and charged out, fired with new zeal. After a while Constance accompanied the Abbot to see Mr. Fieldmouse, while Matthias went with Methuselah to Great Hall. Together they surveyed the torn tapestry."But what's Basil doing asleep in the next bed?" he persisted.now, the Abbot is doing everything in his power. We will know soon enough."350"Why didn't Snow eat you?"

"Bring it up close to the wall," he whispered urgently. "That's it! Now make sure it's on an even keel! I don't want the top wobbling all over the place."The shimmering heat waves from the road reverberated to the shouts of the horde: "Cluny, Cluny, kill, kill, kill!"Was it the breeze? No, it couldn't be. The likeness of the warrior mouse was jiggling about as though it were beingThere was immediate shouting and gruff oaths. Matthias knew the drill; it was surprising how the stone-holder could gain quiet among such a noisy, quarrelsome gathering. Matthias continued, "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, we at Redwall are under attack by Cluny and his horde. Evidently you have heard his name before. Well, I believe that I have the solution to Cluny. It is an ancient sword that once belonged to a great mouse named Martin the Warrior. To find the sword I must ask Captain Snow the whereabouts of Asmodeus."The old gatehouse-keeper choked, spluttering ale over his habit. "Good grief! I never looked at it that way. Very good, young one. Maybe the answer is in the next two lines. What do they say?"

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"Hard to tell in this light," replied Winifred. "But I'd swear that was Cluny Constance tipped off the plank."It was dead of night when Cluny's horde moved out of the meadow. Around the embers of each campfire, bundles of grass and twigs had been wrapped in blankets. To the unsuspecting sentries on the wall the bundles looked like sleeping forms: they sensed nothing amiss. The horde circled northwards through the meadowlands until Cluny judged they were far enough from Redwall to escape detection. He crossed the road at the head of his army.though, hell eat you on sight if he gets the chance! Military bird, but a real bounder." "Then how do I get to talk with him?" said Matthias

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Matthias was glad he was walking behind the rats; he blushed with shame. Cluny had sent the defenders scattering like butterflies in a whirlwind. Matthias was furious; the enemy now knew he was dealing with untrained and untested soldiers.with himself. Not sure whether the remarks were addressed to him, he stopped.

Meanwhile, back at the meadow Cluny sat brooding under

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The pike had lost its life!It took the rat sentries a moment or two to recover from their surprise. Then they let out yells of rage and tried to seize the impudent hare."Oh yes, the tunnel! Well, carry on. Er, you know what to do. I've got things to think about," he muttered absently.This was truly the Sword of Redwall Abbey! It was his duty to get it. Matthias moved more stealthily than he had ever done in all his life. Inch by careful inch, paw by whisker, slowly, painstakingly trying to make his body as small as possible, he flattened himself against the wall to get by the huge spadelike head. The tongue almost slithered across his face as it slid in and out, constantly repeating the dreaded name.223

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The mother sparrow explained. "First, no can go back through loft door. King much angry, have many great slate pile on door. Stop intruders. Door not open again, me think."

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Matthias stood up, smiling ruefully. He rested on his staff. "Yes, he's very strong, but I do wish that we had some real weapons of war - swords and daggers and such like. We won't kill many rats with wooden staves."Reflects the North.Obediently everybody laughed with the mad monarch.

Redtooth swaggered forward and took up the challenge in his Chiefs name, as he called back up at the walls, "Look well, all creatures. This is the mighty horde of Cluny the Scourge. My name is Redtooth. I speak for Cluny our leader."

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