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Fangburn knew better than to question the reason for his Chief's order, no matter how strange it sounded."Eat up your dinner or Cluny will come!"Dunwing was waiting for him. She tied it firmly around his waist. Matthias tested the knot apprehensively as the sparrow told him what she proposed to do.They both looked at the ferret, waiting for him to express an opinion.Colin Vole shrieked in terror. His mother and father struggled bravely as they were dragged off.Every now and then over (he years Methuselah had searched through Redwall for Martin and his sword. Now he stepped up his questing activities, alas with no success. Vital dues and answers still eluded him. What he needed was a younger, fresher mind to assist him. What a pity that Matthias could not be found. Now there was a young mouse with a head on his shoulders. Long years and much mental strain had taken their toll on the ancient mouse. Wearily he swayed on his feet and, putting out a paw to steady himself, he touched the wall - the exact patch of stone over which Martin's likeness had once hung.

Knows nought at all.him?Ducking and weaving as Basil had taught him, Matthias waved the medal and yelled at the top of his voice, "Truce! Basil Stag Hare sent me here. 1 claim a truce!"

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"Er, it was like this, Chief," Fangburn stammered. "Me and old Redtooth were keeping our eyes on the fox here, when suddenly Redtooth hears a noise in the woods, so off he goes to investigate."

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Matthias spread his paws as if stating the obvious. "So King let mouse free. Wanta go back to mousehome."

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J see it, the sword was the only object of value we had up there, although we did not know it at the time. So who else but another bird would know that the sparrows had stolen it?""Yurr moles, get outten th' loight. Let'n um dog at bone thurr."

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"How are we supposed to cross this lot?" he asked.

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- can tell Cluny when he awakes full of pain with festering

The young mouse nodded. "I certainly would, Father Abbot. So that's his name? Silent Sam? Well, he certainly lives up to it."

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