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The evidence was quite clear. The wet path in the dry grass gleamed in the dark."Right or left?"1 "Mayhaps they've been at the October ale a little too much, ; Father Abbot," said the hedgehog.

Sela kept wishing the floor would open up and swallow her.With the best grace he could muster, Cluny walked rather quickly up the stairs, followed by Redtooth, who laughed nervously. "Big country bumpkin, eh, Chief? One more word from you back there and she'd have thrown that table and crushed us."239"Father Abbot, you must live," said Constance in a gruff choking voice.As Basil shouted, several things happened at once.

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Matthias moved north-eastwards with the company of shrews, whose numbers seemed to swell as they went along. At nightfall there were upwards of four hundred members of the Shrew Union seated around the campfire, breaking bread with the warrior from Redwall. That night Matthias slept inside a long hollow log with both ends disguised to make it appear solid."But what about hostages for safe conduct?" hissed Red-tooth.The battle had started again in earnest.

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Chickenhound sneaked along, keeping close to the Abbey. He slunk swiftly across the grounds to one of the small doors in die massive outer wall. The murderer had to get out into the woods before Hugo regained his senses enough to raise the alarm. Wrestling wildly with the stout bars and bolts, he managed somehow to open the small iron door. Without a backward glance the fox bolted offinto the Mossflower woodland. As he ran the Joseph Bell began tolling out the alarm.

With Matthias trailing behind her on his lead, Dunwing lapped on the slates which formed King Bull Sparra's wall. An irate voice came from within. ' "Fly 'way, Sparra! King wanta sleep."

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Sparra folk proud, brave fighters, strong eggchicks, much wormfood to eat. Sword hang in court of Sparra. Blood-feather die, who know how? Bull Sparra become King. My husband Greytail tell me this 'fore he die. Bull Sparra wear warrior sword. Case be too heavy. Leave case behind in room backa chair. Carry sword in clawfeet. King Bull he much showoff. Dig worm with sword. My husband go longa with him. One day they hunt in Mossflower trees, giantworm come, one with poisonteeth. Alia time say 'Asmodeussss', like that. Bull Sparra drop big sword. Even he scared of poisonteeth. Giantworm curl round swordhandle. Bull Sparra, he order my husband, Greytail, get sword back. Grey-tail try, but worm bite with poisonteeth. He hurt bad, but fly back to court with Bull Sparra. They leave sword in Moss-flower with giantworm. My husband die. Bull Sparra say hurt in starling fight. Not true. Greytail tell me all 'fore he die. Warbeak still egg; not know how father die."The King sprang in among his warriors, scattering them Kke chaff. They cowered before him as he shouted out a new edict. "Foolworms! Stop! King say no killee mouse! We have Sparra word of my sister's eggchick.""Don't think about it," Matthias told himself aloud. "Just do it!" Clinging for dear life to the rope, he launched himself over the edge of the eaves.Having delivered food to Matthias and Methuselah, she went out on the ramparts accompanied by her helpers. They fed the sentries and took back all die dishes. Next she found herself making an extra two trays of food up for Silent Sam's parents. The two squirrels thanked her politely and set to with an appetite. Little Sam stood watching them, sucking his paw. Cornflower had a special soft spot for the baby squirrel; she made up a tray for him too. She had no sooner finished than Constance called to ask a favor of her. Would she mind making up another four trays? Three for the Vole family who had just returned, and an extra-large one for Basil Stag Hare. Cornflower cheerfully obliged."Stay low, my friends," whispered Constance. "Give them a bit of time to get off the ground. I want plenty of rats to be high up before we make a move. Pass the word along."

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"The Abbey is yours now, Chief.""Get up and retrieve your weapon," the badger growled.77

'There now, you good bird, well done," he said approvingly.

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