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Bracing himself against the weather vane, Matthias shielded his eyes and peered down into the Abbey grounds. Starting from there he began a systematic search upwards. Most of it was too far below him to make out anything clearly.Cheesethief shot Scragg a venomous glance.Foremole spat on his paws and rubbed them together. "Arr roight, mateys, best dumpen this lot whurr it corned from.""Aye, let's keep our paws crossed that it does. We'll only get one shot.""Plumpen, sir," the bedraggled mouse replied.

In spite of his advanced years, Methuselah gripped Matthias's paw and ran so fast that the younger mouse.had difficulty in keeping up.The high tree did prove to be an elm, an ancient giant covered in gnarled bumps and handy branches. Cluny sized it up: exactly what he wanted, the perfect distance from the wall. He turned to his commando squad.through the treetops. What an action-packed day it had been!It was mid-afternoon. The common was peaceful and sunny; butterflies perched on thistle flowers and grasshoppers serenaded each other with their ceaseless cadences. Abram Vole insisted on shaking Matthias by the paw and congratulating

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"Patience, you young scallywag," chided the ancient mouse. "Be quiet and listen. It takes the form of a poem:After some icy staring about to detect the culprit, and several smothered sniggers from around the room, the little fat friar puffed himself up once more and declaimed firmly: "Grayling a la RedwalL"

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Both creatures dashed from the common into the depths of Mossflower. Behind them, Cluny's horde was in headlong pursuit, yelling and shouting. As they ran, Jess panted, "Here, take this and give me the decoy! Hurry."


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The laughter died on his lips. A horrified gurgle bubbled from his throat. Icy claws of terror gripped his chest.Constance peered downwards. "Difficult to say, really. There seem to be around half a dozen or so laid out down there. Can't tell for sure; too much shadow and darkness. Still, I don't think any creature could survive a fall from this height."Later that evening Brother Alf was patrolling his stretch of wall when he noticed a movement in the ferns at the edge of Mossflower Wood. Constance and Matthias were summoned hastily. They peered over the parapet. Brother Alf pointed to where he had seen the ferns moving.

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At that precise moment it was two of those same creatures who stood on the fringe of Mossflower Wood, spying across the common land to where Cluny's army was exercising.

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to take a mouse as prey. She was a fierce, frightening bird. Have you ever been close up to a sparrowhawk? No, of course you haven't. Well, let me tell you, they can hypnotize small creatures with those savage golden eyes. Born killers, they are. But this hawk said something that made me think. She talked of the sparrows, called diem winged mice, said that many years ago they had stolen something from our Abbey: a treasure that belonged to the mice. Wouldn't say what it was. Just flew off. Huh, who expects gratitude from a sparrowhawk, anyway?"263

Methuselah feigned indifference, but his natural curiosity soon overcame any chagrin he felt at not being allowed to pass the doorway.

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