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"1 certainly hope not, old bean. You see, it'd be perishin* awkward, as I've only got a four-piece teaset, and if I'm not mistaken the small gent who took off for the woods tike a scalded duck is obviously the husband of this delightful lady vole, so 1*11 have to invite him too, won't I?""Asmodeus, Asmodeusssssssss."

After Cheesethiefs carcass had been disposed of, Cluny sat beneath an awning that had been improvised from the damaged tent. He watched the armorer diligently repairing his prized war gear and fumed inwardly. His equipment had been battered - and he had lost a valuable Captain. The Redwall

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"Well, warrior mouse. What do you think of your brave Redwall defenders now? Huh, not much, I imagine! I'm going to let you stay up there and witness some drastic changes."

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Cluny climbed on to the plank and tested it. The improvised bridge wobbled and sprang a bit, but it held."I'd say about here. Would you agree?"At night, when day's first hour19?

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"Cluny is still the prime factor," said the badger. "That rat is physically tougher than we could ever imagine. It is only a matter of time until he recovers sufficiently to attack us again.""Are you sure?" said Matthias in astonishment.Sela and her son skulked in a corner. They felt trapped. Nobody had spoken to them since the demise of Redtooth. 旾t was as if they were being blamed.

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