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"That may be," replied the Abbot. "But it would be churlish to begrudge Basil's requests. After all, he did recapture our tapestry from Cluny. It was a very daring deed."

"Tell the Father Abbot what you want, sly one," she rasped sternly.Instantly Matthias found himself fighting for his life. The Sparra soldiers piled in on him, jabbering, clawing and pecking. He managed to get a paw free and struck out left and right, dealing hefty blows to several of the sparrows. Matthias realized that he would soon be overwhelmed as more sparrows pressed in on him, urged on by the mad exhortations of their King. "K-killeet, k-kiUeet, make mousa dead, killeet!"Shrieking and screaming for mercy, the foxes were dragged away. Cluny turned back to the ferrets, weasels and stoats.

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The sounds of the pursuers grew louder. They were gaining.

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The cat sniffed disdainfully. "You ask quite a lot. I wouldn't do this for anyone else, you know."

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The young sparrow blinked her fierce little eyes. "Matthias, my mouse friend. I no leave. Stay with you."+? "Young mouse sit still," she said. "Now me tell you story.

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Log-a-Log was completely hypnotized. Matthias, too, felt overcome by an immense lethargy. The adder's voice was a cold, dark, green velvet fog that threatened to envelop him. He stared deep into the deadly eyes, his lids began to droop heavily. . . .

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"AH clear, Chief."

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