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45231Crack!Take on my mighty role."By golly, you're right, Basil! That's exactly what my old friend would have wanted! I'm sorry. You must think I've behaved like a dreadful young fool."Cluny's brain raced ahead. On the far edge of the meadow the horde were looking decidedly uneasy. A mistake had been made, the arrow was meant for him. The Warlord's fertile mind suddenly came up with an idea of how to turn the situation to his own advantage.again upon the legs. He doubled up in pain as the horde jeered and laughed.

Jess and Sam smiled with wicked delight.The sword belt was in pristine condition, soft and as supple as if it had newly come from the tanner's bench: shiny black leather with a hanging tab to carry sword and scabbard. Its broad silver buckle gleamed in the lantern light.Winifred pushed the patient gently back on to the pillows and held a bowl of water to the cracked, dry lips.Matthias felt his blood boil. He tried to contain his rising temper; the court of the Sparra King was no place to have tantrums. Mentally he promised himself that he would never again use a collar on any living creature. The indignity was"I can see it," said Matthias, "there, along to your left. You'll have to lead, Warbeak."

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"No, I'll deal with the hare another time. Right now I want you all here in case there's a chance of trapping this one," Cluny murmured.The quiet but authoritative words caused an embarrassed shuffling from the Council Elders. Brother Joseph stood up and cleared his throat. "Ahem, er, good Father Abbot, we all respect your word and look to you for guidance, but really ... I mean ..."Matthias risked a swift glance over his shoulder. There was a rat clumsily trying to stalk him, a fat awkward-looking rodent, but nevertheless an enemy. The young mouse strode onwards, his mind working coolly and without fear, confident that he could handle the situation.

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"1 know something you don't know.""Excuse my mentioning it, sir," Matthias shouted over the hubbub. "But what about your promise regarding our friend the Squire?"

Like a sinuous black lizard he slithered past slumbering creatures and around rubble heaps, never once making a sound. Friar Hugo mumbled gently in his sleep, and moved his head so that his cowl slid off. Drizzle fell upon the fat friar's face, threatening to wake him. Gently as a night breeze, Shadow replaced the hood. Pausing for an instant, Shadow looked about before descending the stone steps from the ramparts to the cloisters. Using shrubs and bushes as cover he moved furtively forwards, never taking any needless chances or making sudden movements. Sometimes he stopped and waited, letting the minutes tick away as he planned his next progression, gliding like a cloud's shadow cast upon the ground by the moon.

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This time, Matthias sat down hard, rubbing dazedly at his sore head. Constance chuckled.Suddenly panic gripped him. The wounded badger had seized the blade regardless of its keen edge. Constance pulled Redtooth in close. She gave a sideways push, snapping the cutlass blade in two pieces. Kicking the rat over on his back, she flung the broken blade away and grabbed the rodent's tail tightly with both paws.The going was painfully slow, but Chickenhound consoled himself on the long journey by boosting his own ego. "Maybe a silly bunch of rats could put one over on Sela. Huh, she was old and had lost a lot of her, guile. Not like me! They hadn't reckoned with a smart intelligent young fox like I am. I'll show them! Revenge will be mine! They'll see what it's like to be up against an expert in espionage."Rough claws seized Matthias, dragging him from the nest only half awake. It was the two Sparra warriors, Battlehawk and Windplume. They lugged Matthias off without further explanation, tugging cruelly on his lead. The last things lie saw before he was pulled off into the darkness of the court were the pale worried faces of Dunwing and Warbeak."The North! The North!" Methuselah shouted. "It's the weather vane arm that points north! That's where the sword must be!"

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He struck until his paws ached and the sword fell from them!

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The voice answered. It seemed to come from directly in front of him. "Show m'self indeed! How many pairs of eyes d'you want, young feller, eh, eh? Fine state of affairs, bless m'soul! What, what!""And how many would you say there were of these rats?" Father Abbot asked.Jess Squirrel took her little son upon her knee and explained. She had an idea that the barrel, filled with something or other, could be dropped down upon the ram-carriers. But she was not too sure what it would be best to fill the barrel with.

It was a circle cut into the stone.

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