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Cluny jabbed a claw at Martin, his voice laden with menace, "No more will you haunt my dreams! A voice inside me spoke as I waited in the woods tonight outside your precious Redwall. It said that before sunset this day I would be free of my nightmares forever. What do you think of that?""I do hope that Mrs. Squirrel hasn't decided to sleep in," said Matthias. "She'll need an early start if she's going to make it back by lunchtime."253Unexpectedly Bull Sparra's mood changed for the worse. He crumpled the empty dock-leaf packet and hurled it into Matthias's face.Methuselah came shuffling up. With a sigh and a groan he sat down on the grass alongside his Abbot who greeted him courteously.Fangburn knew better than to question the reason for his Chief's order, no matter how strange it sounded."I am that is! Martin, Matthias, call me what you will. It was long ago written that you and I would meet, rat."

"Forty-two, forty-three, hush! Can't you see I'm trying to count?" came the reply.The cat sniffed disdainfully. "You ask quite a lot. I wouldn't do this for anyone else, you know."From o'er the thresholdMatthias smiled disarmingly. He threw his paws open wide. "I'm lost!" he said.

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The dreadrul sound was much closer now! Struggling and pushing forward, he came to the end of the tunnel.Another quick shower of soft dark earth and the moles were lost to view beneath the ground surface.straight for the Abbey building. Try to capture the mouse Abbot. Darkclaw won't be with you; he'll take some warriors and fight his way through to the gate. Once it's open the others will be able to get in. I don't need to tell you, these are not peaceful creatures we are up against. You've seen for yourselves; they've had a certain amount ofluck to date, but they are determined tighten, so when you get up there Cluny wants you to show them what a horde of trained soldiers can really do! Don't.forget, the Chief knows how to reward good fighters when it comes to splitting up plunder."

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The Warlord detected a sob in the squirrel's voice.A picture of a mouse?

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Instantly Matthias found himself fighting for his life. The Sparra soldiers piled in on him, jabbering, clawing and pecking. He managed to get a paw free and struck out left and right, dealing hefty blows to several of the sparrows. Matthias realized that he would soon be overwhelmed as more sparrows pressed in on him, urged on by the mad exhortations of their King. "K-killeet, k-kiUeet, make mousa dead, killeet!"Mr. John Churchmouse tried to comfort his wife as best he could. "There, there, hush now, Missus. Better to lose a house than lose our lives. A good job we got sanctuary here at Red wall."Matthias scaled the packed straw. He stood on top and looked about. Nothing. He ventured forwards, and suddenlyMethuselah's words caused widespread consternation. There was much agitated nibbling of paws. Nobody could doubt he spoke the truth; he was already old and wise when the"Why didn't Snow eat you?"

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In his den down the tunnel, Asmodeus came awake.

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No amount of wheedling and blandishment would cause the cynical badger to change her mind. She was adamant. In the end, Chickenhound had to throw the scroll up. He made several puny attempts, each one weaker than the last. As the scroll fell back down into the road yet again, Constance called aloud, "Put some energy into it, you little milksop. I'm not hanging about here all day."They both looked at the ferret, waiting for him to express an opinion.IO


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