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beneath the heavy ladders that had fallen. The air resounded with screams and moans.Cluny pointed across the meadow. "Regroup the army over there. Let them feed and rest. Send someone scouting for dock leaves to rub on those stings. I'm going into my tent to do some serious planning. We're not beaten yet, not by a long chalk. They can't produce a hornets' nest every day."The warm, red stone ramparts rang to the echo of the three friends* delighted laughter.The barrel fairly flew up under the badger's strong paws. Jess was quite pleased with herself. She had plans for the drum to beat the rats! Basil Stag Hare strode the parapet with a swagger-stick tucked beneath his arm. He dodged around the squirrel, who was rolling the barrel along. Retaining the dignity befitting his rank, Basil kept up a constant stream of orders, "Fire at will, you mouse types! Otters, pick out your targets! Any moles here? Report to Foremole down in the grounds right away.""Oh, I don't know," said Matthias casually. "I didn't find it too hard, and at least the little hooligan seems to understand what I'm saying to her."200"Well, no matter," Cluny snapped. "It'll do as a berth until we find something better. Fangburn! Cheesethief!"

Sorry."Without another word Cluny marched off with his selected rodents, first to the upturned hay cart in the ditch down the road, then a quick circle around into Mossflower Wood."Jess, up here! Look, I've got the scabbard!"Matthias pointed to the figure woven into the tapestry. It

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Inside the gatehouse study the two companions were once more at work, trying to break the code of the Great Hall rhyme."Well, I see my little scheme worked out just fine. We got the dirty traitor, didn't we, Fangbum, my old mate?"Ambrose Spike squinted short-sightedly down at the darkened woodland floor. He tried to assess the casualties.

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57"Pay attention, everyone. Constance and Matthias, would you please tell the Council what you saw tonight on the road to St. Ninian's."

Cheesethief shot Scragg a venomous glance.

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The unfortunate rodent screamed and danced about with the stinging pain of the thick whiplike tail. Cluny foamed with ill-temper."You dug the tunnel, so you go in first."Redtooth and four of the others might have set upon their leader and finished him off for good.A roar of laughter greeted the ironic words.Basil had a hammerlock on a rat. He swung him and knocked two more flat on the ground. He winked at Matthias.

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The soldierly hare snorted. He grabbed Matthias and turned him over so they were face to face.

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Practice tunnels were being dug willy-nilly owing to the lack of communication between rats and other species. Ferrets, weasels and stoats, their faces smeared with moist dark earth, popped out of the ground in the oddest of places. Unaccustomed to such strenuous labor, they would stop digging as they pleased, basking in the sun until they were trodden on by columns of marching rats. A squabble would ensue until they all became aware of the watchful eye of Cluny. Then it would be heads down, resume marching, get back to tunneling.Shadow cursed inwardly and flung himself behind a nearby pillar. He lay inert, not daring to breathe; one, two, three minutes, good! Nobody had been disturbed by the noise. He ventured out to inspect the tapestry that hung upon the wall."Noble creatures, stags," the hare sighed. "Did I ever tell you I wanted to be one; a magnificent royal stag with great coathanger antlers? So, I went down to the jolly old river one night and christened m'self Stag! Had two toads and a newt as witnesses, y'know. Oh yes."

"Hurry along, Matthias! All hands on deck!" Log-a-Log hissed.

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