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Ignoring his unprotected back, Matthias failed to see Fang-burn stealing up behind him. The rat raised his cutlass in bothFrom the ramparts of Redwall the field and harvest mice sent down volley after volley of tiny arrows which, while they had no great killing power, were causing much wounding and discomfort in the ranks of Cluny 's horde. ' Standing beneath his banner which was rammed into the earth, Cluny cracked his tail. "Redtooth, Darkclaw, tell the sling-throwers to stand ready. When I give the signal I want to see a good heavy barrage of stones hitting the top of that parapet. That'll make them keep their heads down. Frogblood, Scumnose, you two will organize the gangs with the scaling ladders and grappling hooks. See they all get up on top of that wall, and no blunders." v The rat captains marched off to the ditch to make ready. Cluny held his tail up to give the signal.Again Basil vanished only to reappear some three yards out on the common. "Come on, Matthias. Tack to the left and wheel to the right. Bob and weave, duck and wriggle. Look, it's easy."Sela attempted to save the situation. "Please, sir, take no notice of the young fool. All he meant was that when you said dig?"Not before I see your King, you won't," the young mouse retorted.The scabbard had gone from the back of the chair."West," said Fangburn, simultaneously.

Slowly lifting the visor, Cluny allowed his single eye to rove around. It came to rest on the Abbey leader.Scragg saluted smartly and offered a helpful comment. "This branch I'm sitting on, Chief, I've just been testing it and it feels good and strong. Maybe we should mount the plank from here to the wall. It'll reach easily enough. I know it's a bit of an uphill climb, but it shouldn't be too difficult. I don't fancy those branches higher up - they're too thin."Slop! He spat it out on the floor.Fury took hold of the young mouse. He waved the stone and cried out, "Go on, fight, then, little fools, you and your bossy little union. I don't need any of you! I'll go it alone," and he hurled the stone with a mighty effort. It flew off over the heads of the rioters, disappearing into the wood.The moonlight illuminated the scene clearly. She was alone. Where was the mouse Abbot?

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Warbeak was upon the young mouse in a flash!Asmodeus was close to Matthias now. Wielding the sword, the young mouse backed off. He felt the hole behind him and scrambled into it sideways, still facing his enemy. Taking care not to let the sword-point drop, he shouted to his companion, "Log-a-Log, can you see my feet? Grab hold of them, pull me through."This last statement sent the young sparrow off into a veritable dance of rage. "Mouse no friend of Warbeak! K-Killee, k-k-killeed"

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Silent Sam was Cornflower's bodyguard on her nightly round of the ramparts. He marched solemnly by her side as she gave out mugs of hot soup to the grateful sentries that watched through the night hours. Ambrose Spike watched hungrily as she poured him a steaming mug of the delicious soup. TheThere was an embarrassed shuffling in the ranks of the listeners. Many turned their eyes to the ground, particularly Guosim and Log-a-Log.

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152oncoming fox.obliged. I'll have to recruit him for my cudgel class! He shows promise.""Out of the way, Constance! The rest of you keep those

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43"Kill her! Kill the dirty little swindler!" Cluny's cry rang out. But before a spear or a missile could be thrown, Jess had gone. She darted from tree to tree with artistic speed. Far above Mossfiower ground in the upmost terraces of foliage, the champion squirrel turned her flight in the direction of Redwall Abbey.

Either side of Cluny on the tombstone stood Darkclaw and Killconey. Scornfully watching the chaotic maneuvers, the Warlord would criticize first one then the other for the shortcomings of the creatures they represented. Both squirmed under the lash of the Chiefs tongue.

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