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A stem-looking old shrew barged Guosim out of the way and whistled sharply. He produced a round, black pebble and held it up.would be able to throttle him with the edge of the railing. Cluny braced his feet and strained. He could feel the breath laboring raggedly within his chest; he must win! The voices had told him he would never again see the warrior after the sun set upon this day. The prophecy had to be fulfilled once and for all.the infant captives. He sat impassively, claws gripping the chair arms, visor lowered.It nodded.

Basil laughed at his friend's naivet? "Yes, that's alt but if you don't want to be scoffed, make sure he sees the medal before he sees you. Tell the old buffer that Basil Stag Hare sent you. And mind your manners! Make sure you call him by his proper rank, 'Cap'n.' Oh, and I'd like that medal back sometime. Spoils the look of me number-one dress tunic, missing decoration."Matthias pointed to the figure woven into the tapestry. It"Take care, warrior. I'll see you later," said Log-a-Log.Round and round he skipped, repeating the verse over and over.Completely staggered, the rat stood slack-jawed. Basil left him and popped up beside another rat.

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230"I warn you, come out and show yourself," he shouted irritably. "I'm in no mood for playing games."

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Bull Sparra handed the lead to Warbeak. Turning to his subjects, he chuckled insanely and pointed at Matthias. "King Bull Sparra spare mouse. How you like him for pet, my niece? Mouse, you obey my sister and her eggchick, funny,

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Matthias looked surprised. "How did you know I was going to ask about Martin?"He stood shaking. His chest heaved with exertion. His paws hung limp at his sides. The great sword lay against the warrior's blood-flecked habit, its long, deadly blade crimsoned in victory."Lovely day for a climb," she remarked off-handedly.

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stopped there was the musty odor of death clinging to theThere was no need for the Father Abbot to concern himself with the underhand dealings of traitor foxes. Constance would be well able to deal with the situation herself.

Sela looked at him admiringly. "Indeed it is, sir. He never goes that fast for me. It's obvious that you've got an air of command about you."

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