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148Methuselah was taken aback. "Do you mean to tell me you've talked with her? Remarkable! The sparrow language, or 'Sparra* as it is called, is very difficult to comprehend."Cornflower's parents sat inside the cart, her mum helping Mrs. Churchmouse with the little ones, while her dad chatted away with John Churchmouse as they shared a pipe of old bracken twist.132"Who are you?"cutlass, had turned up at the gate. He had tried to gain entry by pretending he was injured. Limping about, the rat explained that he had been in a hay cart that overturned into the ditch. Would they come with him and render assistance to his friends, many of whom were lying trapped beneath the cart, crying out for help?

Constance dealt Sela a sharp blow between the ears. The fox fell in a senseless heap. Constance ducked behind a tree and called out in a high-pitched voice, "Over here! I've got die fox! Quick, over here!""Enough to flood the Abbey pond. Father."Constance hauled upon her rope. It was no hard task for a fully-grown badger. On the other ropes there were creatures that could not compare with her for strength, but they hauled and pulled with an equally good will. Cornflower and Silent Sam kept busy supplying cool drinks and sweat cloths. The repair work went ahead at a steady pace.

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With a score of Guerrilla Shrews in their wake the two companions set off for Mossflower on the double.When Log-a-Log awoke from out of the trance he saw his friend Matthias the Warrior.From above, it resembled some fabulous dusky jewel, fallen between a green mantle of light silk and dark velvet. The first mice had built the Abbey of red sandstone quarried from pits many miles away in the north-east. The Abbey building was covered across its south face by that type of ivy known as Virginia creeper. The onset of autumn would turn the leaves into a cape of fiery hue, thus adding further glory to the name and legend of Redwall Abbey.

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mouse.i. Dunwing had guessed that Matthias had gone to the King's chamber for other reasons than to gain his freedom. This was


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Cluny the Scourge lay upon his bed, racked with crippling pains. Rat captains gathered in the corner of .the sickroom. They sat silent. The terrible injuries would have proved fatal to any other rat on earth, but not to Cluny - a broken arm, a broken leg, numerous cracked ribs, a fractured tail, smashed claws and other hurts not yet diagnosed."Did your friends the rats do this?"Yelling and shouting fearsome war cries, the attackers leaped from the ditch, peppering the ramparts with a hail of arrows, spears and stones.The owl emerged grumpy and ruffled. Thoroughly humiliated, he called out to his former friend the cat, "It was all my fault. I apologize to you, Squire Julian."

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Shrews struck down the enemy guards as Sparra braves released the prisoners' bonds with short slashes of their sharp beaks. The freed defenders grabbed up anything that would serve as weapons. They hurled themselves upon the enemy, sparrows and shrews siding them against their larger adversaries. Rats, ferrets, weasels and stoats fought with the ferocity bom of desperation. Their very lives depended on the outcome.

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"Yes, you'd have thought that he was the commander of the horde."The little squirrel shook his head. He pointed to the floor with his paw in a gesture that Matthias interpreted as "Stop here."

Constance snatched up a woven rush washing basket. Holding the small sparrow firmly with her paw, she gripped

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