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The rat was actually in midair when a huge blunt paw knocked him flat. He lay stunned with Constance standing over him.dreadful little rogue! I've got the very thing for you. This is a leveret dagger. All young hares carry one. Here, let's try it on you for size, young buccaneer, what, what!"-?very wise mother bird. He decided to put all of his cardsMatthias swung the branch. It whooshed through the air, causing the rats to stop in their tracks. As he advanced on them flailing the branch, he shouted at the top of his voice, "Basil, Basil Stag Hare, where are you?"miserably into the hedge. He had never felt so lonely. More than anything else at Hogwarts, more

As yet Cluny had not chosen a new second-in-command, though he had let it be known that any of* his followers who distinguished himself in the coming battle would receive immediate promotion in the field. Killconey the ferret stood alongside his Chief with a drum that he had made from an old water butt. He had unofficially appointed himself

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"Redwall to me! Come on, mice!" cried Constance. "Let's give better than we get. Redwall to me!""We Squires of Gingivere are an ancient line. In the past 1 .iave seen many such tokens as this weapon. My grandsires owned a vast armory full of magnificent and valued battle

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The covering of dead moonlit vegetation on the ground trembled and rustled. What better cover than a light breeze and a hunter's moon? Glittering black eyes searched the night, a forked tongue tasted the air, the small living plants appeared to shudder as the long scaly body brushed by them, trailing its way along.

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Completely staggered, the rat stood slack-jawed. Basil left him and popped up beside another rat.Much to everyone's surprise, the Abbot came to Matthias's defense. "One moment, Clemence, Matthias speaks sense. Let us hear what he has to say. We are none of us too old to learn."Matthias laughed mirthlessly. "Will he indeed? Well, you tell King Thingummy if you should bump into him again, that you've met Matthias the Warrior, and I don't kill that easily, my bad-tempered little friend.""Matthias, listen. We shrews of the union try to run our lives along democratic lines. You must not think too harshly of us. The shrew who spoke out against accompanying you was only stating chapter and verse of the act. 1 was wrong to hit him. Guosim did right to uphold his argument."

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Matthias judged by the sun that it was past mid-afternoon. He had made steady progress through the woods. Nothing untoward had occurred. He had stopped and had a light snack, gained his second wind and pressed forward, taking care not to create too much noise lest he disturb any predators. The young mouse had discovered a path of sorts, skirting the dense underbrush and avoiding patches of marshland. Always keeping the tree moss on his left, he continued eastwards.

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