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Warbeak handed the lead to her mother. "This Dunwing; she mother. Good Sparra; not hurt mouse. See!"fashion. "Leave it to me, Father Abbot. Old Constance is a bit slow-thinking. I'll take complete responsibility."Basil Stag Hare and Jess Squirrel were as thick as thieves. When they were not helping with the defenses, they could be found in odd corners whispering together. Nobody knew what their conversations were about, or what exactly they were plotting. But with the fastest runner and the champion climber of Mossflower, it was sure to be something spectacular!281208

343and apologize to him, then you could both be friends and live in the barn again."that this was no clumsy rat he faced. He chanced a sudden glance to check if Jess was nearby. As he did, his back left leg shot down into a pothole. It twisted and Basil fell heavily to the ground.7A timid paw tapping on the door snapped Cluny from his reverie with a start. It was Ragear and Mangefur, his scavengers. They slunk into the room, each trying to hide behind the other, knowing that the poor results of their search were likely to incur the Chiefs wrath. Their assumption was correct.

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a makeshift tent. At least the ferret was good for something.Picking up weapons that lay close to paw they assembled at their appointed posts to await further orders.Methuselah breathed upon his glasses, polishing them on his fur. "Really, it's thanks to Sister Germaine for keeping such fastidious records, young mouse. Now, here's where you'll start."

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The young mouse stood with his paws folded, an expression of disgust upon his features. The old gatekeeper patted his shoulder. "I know how you feel, Matthias. I could see you were only putting on a brave face for the benefit of the others. That is good. It shows you are learning to be a wise leader. You hide your true feelings and encourage them not to give up hope."

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Methuselah blinked. Holding his paw across his eyebrows, he stared into space, trying to follow the path of the reflected moonlight. "Truly it is a most beautiful, wondrous sight," he breathed. "Alas, my old eyes are not what they were. All I see is a light shooting off into infinity."To the astonishment of the watching mice, the step slid smoothly outwards on the greased stone. It turned completely over to reveal a dark opening with a downward flight of stairs running off into the blackness below.Matthias ran his foot around the edge of the circle. "We're not quite sure yet, but we are trying to figure it out. You see, it's all linked closely with the rhyme from the wall of Great

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"Matthias, my son, I see you have restored the sword of Martin to our Abbey. Is your mission completed then?"ing this had made Cheesethief redouble his efforts. He worked the rat crews like a slave driver. No rodent dared complain about one whom the Chief held in such high regard.247

A broken piece of mirror reflecting the moonlight was the only illumination in the King's chamber. He dismissed his two warriors to wait outside. The King of the Sparra folk sat staring at the young mouse in silence.

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