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It was die hare.12Matthias stood a safe distance away from the tree. Captain Snow shifted from one foot to the other, muttering huffily, *'Me, in the wrong? Never. I won't apologize to that cat! I refuse to!"Matthias picked up his weapon. He was surprised at Julian's words. They were an echo of something that his old companion Methuselah had once said to him.

"Lost? Where?" Cluny snarled."Excellent little filly, that girl! D'you know, she can produce more tuck in the twinklin* of an eye than you could shake a stick at. You mark my words, young feUer-my-mouse. A body would be lucky to settle down with her. I say, have you noticed the way she looks at you? Hinds look at stags like that. Noble creatures, stags. It strikes me that you could be just the stag for her. Why, I remember when I was only a young lancejack. ..."Cluny smiled at Ragear and Mangefur.

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But the voice persisted, boring into his mind. "Matthias, Matthias, I need you."

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He had lain down in the Churchmouses* bed for a well-earned rest while his army was going about its allotted tasks. He should never have tried to sleep on an empty stomach, but weariness overcame his hunger.

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Plumpen stood by, anxiously watching the Warlord. At least his family would be safe now. The dormouse had faithfully carried out his part in the dreadful scheme; Cluny161The Warlord went off into a berserk rage, stamping about the Hall, slashing and whipping at the shadows with his tail as he invented new titles, screaming them out as the echoes-bounced back off the walls at him.'

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Log-a-Log had gone rigid with fright. He stood petrified. Matthias had begun digging furiously at the wall with his sword point. He gouged and thrusted, muttering to himself. "At least we've got nothing to lose but a sword and our lives. There might be something on the other side."


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