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hedgehog thanked her profusely, hoping that there might be seconds after the others had been served.Spreading his wings to their incredible length. Snow screeched, "I'll bet anything. Whatever you say, mouse.""Sparra law say King must killee mouseworm, but me good Majesty. No killee mouse. Give belt to King."Matthias decided the peculiar hare was either slightly mad or tipsy, but his outmoded manner was certainly friendly. The young mouse humored him accordingly, bowing low with a paw at his waist.Chickenhound was dismayed. This last insult had taken die wind completely out of his sails. He tried to think how Sela would have handled a situation like this. Eventually he unrolled the bark scroll and waved it up at Constance.Matthias gazed in bewilderment at the overcluttered study. Books, scrolls and manuscripts littered the small room. In his excitement Methuselah opened a desk and practically disappeared under an avalanche of paperwork.

Cluny nodded sympathetically. "Aye, you're probably right. I suppose I'll have to stretch a point. You can go off to the woods to search for this vital herb. But be warned, fox! There will be two rats with you all the time. One false move and I'll have that bushy tail of yours to trim the collar of my war cloak. Is that understood?"A chorus of ooh's and ah's greeted the arrival of six mice pushing a big trolley. It was the grayling. Wreaths of aromatic steam drifted around Cavern Hole; the fish had been baked to perfection. Friar Hugo entered, with a slight swagger added to his ungainly waddle. He swept off his chefs cap with his tail, and announced in a somewhat pompous squeak, "Milord Abbot, honored guests from Mossflower area and members of the Abbey. Ahem, I wish to present my piece de resistance?insurance. If they should get into a tight corner, Ragear would serve as an expendable fool. That way Cluny could make good his own escape.

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Missiles from the wall had slackened off, giving Cluny's horde a chance to desert the ditch for the relative safety of the meadows. Cluny appeared well satisfied for the moment. He called Killconey to his side.allowed to use magic outside of school. Harry hadn't told the Dursleys this; he knew it was onlyThe badger shrugged wearily. "A lot of them tried to escape. We didn't really stop them. They managed to unbar the main gate and ran out into the road. There were a big ginger cat and a white owl waiting for them. Hell's whiskers! I've never seen anything like it!"

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The badger forestalled the explanation that was upon the young mouse's lips. She beckoned Matthias inside, shutting the door behind them. "You can tell us everything later, Matthias. Right now I insist that you come to the main gate. There's something you must see."

Sela was taking the bait!

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"We'll need every available defender," Constance murmured. "No need to cause a panic, but this looks like a full-scale assault. The fox's warning was true.""Jump on that thing's back sharpish. Give it a good bite. That'll get the lazy brute moving again."The weight of combined bodies hit the ground between the lines.; of one mouse in particular called Martin the Warrior. . . ."

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Chiny sniffed the air. His senses told him the searchers were returning. Cheesethief and a ferret named Killconey came crashing out of the underbrush. They were trembling and twitching. Both looked as if they had been badly scared.

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"Come with me then," said Alf. "I've got work to do. There's all the fishing nets to be laid for the night. Perhaps you'd like to come along and help me?"93

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