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ground. "Matthias," he laughed. "What an odd name, to be sure!"Foremole smiled, his whole face almost vanishing into dark velvet wrinkles. He clapped Matthias on the shoulder in a chummy way. The young mouse was amazed at the weight and strength of Foremole's paw. He was glad that it was a friendly pat.Fangburn knew better than to question the reason for his Chief's order, no matter how strange it sounded.

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Methuselah shook his head. "That is a thing no creature knows. For many long years now I have puzzled and pored over ancient manuscripts, translating, following hidden trails, always with the same result: nothing. 1 have even used my gift of tongues, speaking to the bees and others who can go into places too small for us, but always it is the same - rumors, legends and old mouse tales."

Matthias held up a paw. "Father Abbot, it is our duty not only to defend but to retaliate."

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The cat sniffed disdainfully. "You ask quite a lot. I wouldn't do this for anyone else, you know."

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"Eat up your dinner or Cluny will come!"

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Basil strode off in high dudgeon, re-emphasizing his previously forgotten limp. "Dearie me, old lad, no need to be so touchy! Merely making a military observation, y'know."

"Keep those slings throwing! Bring up extra spears! Close up that line! Don't fire until you see them stand!"

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