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Matthias judged by the sun that it was past mid-afternoon. He had made steady progress through the woods. Nothing untoward had occurred. He had stopped and had a light snack, gained his second wind and pressed forward, taking care not to create too much noise lest he disturb any predators. The young mouse had discovered a path of sorts, skirting the dense underbrush and avoiding patches of marshland. Always keeping the tree moss on his left, he continued eastwards."Pay attention, everyone. Constance and Matthias, would you please tell the Council what you saw tonight on the road to St. Ninian's."Riding upon a cat's back was a new and unusual experience for Matthias. Although he took great care to disguise it, Julian was quite an observant creature. As he strode with an easy grace across the farmyard, he remarked idly, "Your friends the shrews are out in force today. Ignorant little things! They think I can't see them. Give Log-a-Log and Guosim a message from me, will you? Tell them it is quite safe to come into die barn for hay and other items. Snow doesn't roost there any more. Goodness knows, I certainly won't hurt them. My diet consists of herbs, grasses and an occasional fish from the river. I gave up red meat years ago. You might also mention that if they must come to my barn, would they please desist from arguing and fighting so much? There's nothing quite as upsetting as quarrelsome little shrews disturbing one's meditations."304Cornflower sent two of her helpers. They had to go the long way around to reach the kitchens. Abbot Mortimer had declared Great Hall and Cavern Hole out of bounds to all creatures, with the exception of those helping Matthias and Methuselah.Sure enough, after some peculiar grunts and much curlingThe two friends wandered onwards, past the pond. Early-morning sunlight glinted off the water, throwing out ripples from the fish caught by the overnight lines which were baited and left to drift each evening by Brother Alf. Ahead of them lay the berry-hedges - raspberry, blackberry, bilberry - and the strawberry patch where every August sleepy baby creatures could be seen, their stomachs full after eating the pick of the crop. Gradually they made their way around the big old chestnut trees into the orchard. This was the Abbot's favorite spot. Many a leisurely nap had he taken on sunny afternoons with the aroma of ripening fruit hovering in his

His eyes blazing with madness, Cluny flung his claws wide. "All of you, defenders of Redwall, listen to me! When I first came to the Abbey I gave you a choice: surrender or die. You chose to fight me. Me, Cluny the Scourge! I lost battles, 1 lost skirmishes, I lost soldiers, but I have won the war. You are the losers. Now you must pay with your lives!"In moonlight streaming forth,Realizing the danger of this new device, Constance ordered all but a chosen few to leave the wall for the safety of the Abbey grounds. However, the strung iron bits soon proved to be a two-edged weapon. Many that were released wrongly came hurtling back down into the ditch, sometimes slaying the very creatures that had hurled them. Even Redtooth, in Cluny's armor, guarding the standard in the meadow, had to make an undignified scurry to avoid being hit, but he could see the demoralizing effect the missiles were having on the defenders, so he ordered the throwers to continue.Abbot Mortimer pointed at the first rays of sun streaming in through the window. "Yes, but you are back now; and see, you've brought with you a magnificent June summer morning."Oblivious to all about him, even Matthias and the Abbot who had followed him out, Cluny stood staring at the tapestry.

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As he shouted madly, the sparrow pulled at the belt. Matthias knew he was facing death with the insane ruler in one of his lunatic rages. He must think fast."Not at all, m'dear feller; think nothing of it. I must confess mat I was a bit like you when I was a leveret, y'know. Now, what d'you say we get about the business of living properly again? I say, I'm positively famished. What about you?"The sparrow settled herself. She looked gravely at the young mouse. "Today Matthias escape Sparra court. Me make plan, King not right to keep mouse prisoner."

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Foremole tugged his nose graciously at her. "Wurr! Thankee kindly. Nought loik vedgible soop to keep'n loif in uz moles."Matthias hid a smile; he tapped his foot in mock impatience. "I'm waiting, Cap'n Snow, sir. Remember your promises on oath?"

"I warn you, come out and show yourself," he shouted irritably. "I'm in no mood for playing games."

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Jess ducked a blow from Cluny's tail. "Not likely! If you stay, then so do I."Together they hurried through the deserted Sparra court. Dunwing knew there were mothers in every nest with small chicks. These birds remained quietly out of sight when there were no warriors about to defend them. Matthias and Dun-wing pushed hastily past the scrap of sacking that served as a door to the King's chamber and began their search."Yes, I've heard that, too," Jess agreed. "We'll have to arrange a warm reception for those filthy vermin when they show up!"He was big, and tough; an evil rat with ragged fur and curved, jagged teeth. He wore a black eyepatch; his eye had been torn out in battle with a pike."We Squires of Gingivere are an ancient line. In the past 1 .iave seen many such tokens as this weapon. My grandsires owned a vast armory full of magnificent and valued battle

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Methuselah laughed with delight. "You see! The Sparrow King owns a big sword!"

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to say. The cat spoke again. This time its voice was indignant. "Well, have you nothing to say for yourself, mouse? Where are your manners? Don't you think you should apologize for leaping into my mouth like that?"The Chief had a plan. Like all of his schemes it would be cunningly simple and wickedly brilliant. There was no better general than Cluny when it came to strategy.Warbeak sped back, hovering level with the loft door as she set her claws into the latch. "Watch out. . . . Door open, fall on mouse."

Log-a-Log came out of his trance. Leaping quickly into the hole, he scratched the damp sandy grit left and right. Ducking beneath the tree root, he scrabbled awkwardly through into a tiny cell-like space on the other side.

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