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Warbeak pointed to the King's chamber. "Dunwing get Bull Sparra wormfood ready. King have no wife to make160Cluny nodded dumbly.Having finished lunch, the pair lay out like old watchdogs on the sun-warmed stones.asleep. So we pounced on 'em and tied them up in a bunch. Nice big fat ones they are, Chief."89"What we have here, my good comrades in arms," said

"Third rank, fire! Drop back, kneel and reload!"would like to see him get his just desserts, you must remember we cannot break the law of hospitality in our Abbey."127Carefully he inched the door open, closing it again swiftly .as the Abbot and Brother Alf padded by. Matthias listened to Alf s voice. "I looked in on them about ten minutes ago, Father. They're both sleeping like hibernating squirrels. It's not likely that they'll wake until evening."Matthias didn't reply. He sat exhausted up in the dark belfry with his legs dangling over the stout timber bell axle. Down below, Cluny squatted against the wall, glad of the chance to take a breather. Beneath the dusty stairs, Friar Hugo sneezed.

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Matthias nodded. Log-a-Log continued where his comrade had left off: "You're going to ask the Cap'n where you can find Giant Poisonteeth, mouse? Er, I mean, Matthias. You are either very brave or raving mad."Once again the Abbot's room was the scene of a late repast. The news that Constance had brought showed without a doubt that Cluny would soon be on the attack again.Thus did Mortimer, the Father Abbot of Redwall, die.

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Constance and Methuselah collapsed against each other, laughing helplessly. It was all Matthias could do to keep a straight face. He pretended to take offense at Methuselah's statement.The surveillance continued. Apart from retrieving his dagger, Matthias sat very still, peering northwards. Eventually he had to give up, as his eyes were beginning to water and he was getting a crick in his neck. Methuselah had fallen asleep in the afternoon sun.

Matthias yawned. "Well, what about sparrows? I've had some dealings with 'em. What do you need to know?"

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V. The sparrow listened intently as the young mouse unfolded ithe story of Redwall Abbey and the part that he was playing ,in its hour of need. When Matthias had finished his tale, Dunwing saw the truth of it in his open face. She drew close land said quietly, "Matthias, Dunwing knew! First day you 'Come here I see belt you wear. It all same as thing behind yfihair in King's room."The owl spread his wide, snowy wings and Happed upwards to perch on the edge of his den. Folding the wings and shutting his eyes tightly, he shouted out with bad grace, "I promise never to kill or eat another mouse or shrew of any type as long as I live, so there!""So did I until I saw how high this lot is," Matthias wailed.The replies that came back were varied.Knowing the supply of arrows was not endless, the badger looked to the heaps of rubble and stone along the parapet edges. "Brother Rufus! Foremole! Be ready to shift that lot overboard at a moment's notice."

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"Half one way, half the other. The casting vote is mine. Now let me tell you, I know we take care of our own, but the Redwall mice are a legend in Mossflower. They do no harm to any creature. In fact they do a lot of good." Log-a-Log raised his paw. "Therefore, conirades, I vote that the mouse goes free!"

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12Surrounded by a band of shrews that had started quarreling over the best route to the quarry, Matthias marched stolidly forward. They trekked through the trees, leaving Mossflower Wood far behind, across open ground, giving the farmhouse a carefully wide berth, breeching hawthorn hedges and spanning dried-out ditches, through several fields that lay fallow in the summer stillness.15


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