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"Hush. Let's hear what Walt and Doby have to say," whispered Methuselah.But at the moment he was not having things all his own way. For a start, he did not have many archers. Rats are notoriously bad at bowmaking and the fletching of arrows.'* As they entered the room, Matthias skipped about and sang his ditty. Whipping out the packet he selected a nut and topped it straight into the open beak of the astonished ruler. ' "Mouseworm find more candynuts for big King Sparra," Matthias giggled. "Fetch here quick. Maybe mouse give King lib nuts. King letta mouse go home free."Sela groaned despairingly as Cluny kicked her son viciously. "Who said anything about tunneling, fox? I only mentioned digging."Warbeak and Log-a-Log had to force Matthias to take a rest. The young mouse had set a scorching pace, marching through the night from the far borders of Mossflower Wood. The Guerrilla Shrew had trouble keeping up. He was smaller than Matthias and did not have the advantage of flight like the sparrow. Always several yards behind, he panted for breath as he stumbled gamely on. Even Warbeak was beginning to feel the effects of prolonged low nighttime fluttering, through the woodlands, around trees, over bushes; it was not the same as a clear, clean flight through the upper atmosphere. Only Matthias kept going at a dogged headlong dash. He stopped for nothing. The heavy sword hanging from his shoulders by a length of cord thumped against him as he urged his legs forward: the breath rose ragged in his throat. His companions realized the urgency of the situation, but they saw that if Matthias continued to drive himself at this rate, he would soon collapse.144"Redwall to me! Come on, mice!" cried Constance. "Let's give better than we get. Redwall to me!"

Great Hall. Martin the Warrior. Something terrible was going on downstairs. He was needed urgently.Meanwhile, in another part of Mossflower Wood, Sela sneaked along looking from left to right. There was the three-topped oak, there was the Abbey wall. Ah, here it was, the old stump.

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Matthias ran across and seized the Guerrilla Shrew by her paw. "Guosim, how did you get here, you little nuisance? We've been sear?

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"Do you often wander about like this at night?"Shadow cursed inwardly and flung himself behind a nearby pillar. He lay inert, not daring to breathe; one, two, three minutes, good! Nobody had been disturbed by the noise. He ventured out to inspect the tapestry that hung upon the wall.

The two guerrilla shrews melted back into the woods. Alone now, Matthias crossed the sunny field leading to the barn, just as Basil had taught him: zig-zag, crouch, wriggle and weave.

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Both mice turned their heads northwards.Riding upon a cat's back was a new and unusual experience for Matthias. Although he took great care to disguise it, Julian was quite an observant creature. As he strode with an easy grace across the farmyard, he remarked idly, "Your friends the shrews are out in force today. Ignorant little things! They think I can't see them. Give Log-a-Log and Guosim a message from me, will you? Tell them it is quite safe to come into die barn for hay and other items. Snow doesn't roost there any more. Goodness knows, I certainly won't hurt them. My diet consists of herbs, grasses and an occasional fish from the river. I gave up red meat years ago. You might also mention that if they must come to my barn, would they please desist from arguing and fighting so much? There's nothing quite as upsetting as quarrelsome little shrews disturbing one's meditations.""Did you see that?"

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"To think that all this peaceful beauty should hide such cold evil," he breathed wonderingly.

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The huge tail snaked out and caressed the fox. "Of course you are, my friend. How silly of me."From her perch in the tree, Jess watched with grim satisfaction. "Aye, worthless trash, rat, just as you are. The real tapestry is back at Redwall by now. You've been fooled."The sparrow placed a claw upon his paw. "Me know alia time. Matthias mouse not come to bring my eggchick safehome. Come for sword. Not get sword. Alia same, belt case belong mice. You must take away. These things trouble for Sparra. Husband dead because of sword."

Practice tunnels were being dug willy-nilly owing to the lack of communication between rats and other species. Ferrets, weasels and stoats, their faces smeared with moist dark earth, popped out of the ground in the oddest of places. Unaccustomed to such strenuous labor, they would stop digging as they pleased, basking in the sun until they were trodden on by columns of marching rats. A squabble would ensue until they all became aware of the watchful eye of Cluny. Then it would be heads down, resume marching, get back to tunneling.

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