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"Dead as dirt. The cart crushed 'em. Chief."80184"How are the cellar stocks, Hugo?"The elder's stern expression softened. He watched the little novice rolling about on the grass, grappling with large armfuls of the smooth hazelnuts which constantly seemed to escape his grasp. Shaking his old grey head, yet trying to hide a smile, Abbot Mortimer bent and helped to gather up the fallen nuts.I - am that is,Cluny marched automatically, shaking his head in disbelief.

Matthias sprang up, roaring at the top of his voice, "Stop that rat! Stop that rat!"was taking him was of little concern to Cluny. Straight on the panicked horse galloped, past the milestone lodged in the earth at the roadside, heedless of the letters graven in the stone: "Redwall Abbey, fifteen miles.""Or sparrows," giggled the hedgehog."Ragear! Mangefur! Take twenty rats and forage for supplies. The rest of you get inside the church. Redtooth, Dark-claw, check the armor. See if there are things about that we can use as weapons: iron spike railings - there's usually enough of them around a churchyard. Jump to it."There it was, supple shining black leather, chased and trimmed with the purest silver. The scabbard fitted perfectly into the well-made holder on the belt. This was truly the equipment which had belonged personally to Martin the Warrior of Redwall Abbey!

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The plans of the two comrades were well laid. Basil decided that now was as good a time as any to put them into operation. He turned to Jess.104Colin Vole blushed until his nose went dry. He flounced off, swishing his tail, muttering about going outside to take die air.

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A large crowd of mice and woodlanders had gathered to witness the epic ascent. Not even in the oldest recorded writings was there any mention of a creature venturing to climb as high as the Abbey roof. It was a most formidable task, for the roof soared to nearly twice the height of the bell tower.The skillful creature dodged a rat, spun round and landed a fierce double-footed kick to its stomach. The rat bowled over, completely winded, all the fight knocked out of its body. Basil chuckled. "Sorry about that, Matthias, my old lad. When these chaps gave up chasing me, I scooted back to my den. Spring cleaning, y'know. A bit late, but I'm only a bachelor in single quarters, what!"

"I have little more to say on the subject, but as I see that you still need convincing, here is my proposal. We will send two mice out to relieve the gatehouse. Let me see, yes . . . Brothers Rufus and George, would you kindly go and take over from Brother Methuselah? Please send him in here to me. Tell him to bring the travelers' record volumes. Not the present issue, but the old editions which were used in past years."

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"1 know something you don't know."The going was painfully slow, but Chickenhound consoled himself on the long journey by boosting his own ego. "Maybe a silly bunch of rats could put one over on Sela. Huh, she was old and had lost a lot of her, guile. Not like me! They hadn't reckoned with a smart intelligent young fox like I am. I'll show them! Revenge will be mine! They'll see what it's like to be up against an expert in espionage."The young mouse laughed back as he replied, "Not half as odd as your own name. Whoever heard of a hare being called Basil Stag?"Matthias risked a swift glance over his shoulder. There was a rat clumsily trying to stalk him, a fat awkward-looking rodent, but nevertheless an enemy. The young mouse strode onwards, his mind working coolly and without fear, confident that he could handle the situation."The Field of Dead Mice!"

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"Leave her alone, you cowards!" Mr. Squirrel shouted as he struggled to hold back Silent Sam. "You're very brave in a gang, but you wouldn't face my Jess if her paws were free, you scum, not if there were twice as many of you!"

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"By the whiskers, old one," Matthias said excitedly, "I think you've hit the nail on the head. Do you think that our bad-tempered captive might know something about the rumor?"Matthias kept his head well down inside the nest. He listened as the flapping of wings and chirping of sparrows grew less and less. Finally there was silence. Dunwing popped her head over the rim of the nest."I suppose you're right," Killconey said. "But listen. The rest of the army mustn't get to know about the Chief, otherwise they'll desert. Y'know, I can't seriously believe that Cluny's out of his mind, just you wait and see. It's probably just another grand ould plan he's thinking up."

Basil Stag Hare tut-tutted severely as he remarked to Ambrose Spike, "Teh, tch. Dreadful table manners. Just look at those three, kicking up a hullaballoo like that! Eating's a serious business. They haven't touched a bite of supper, y'know."

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