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Foremole tugged his nose in salute. "Harr, we'm dum now, zurrs, oi'll bid ye g'day."Redtooth would have flown a record distance had there not been a stout sycamore tree several yards away. . . .The massive ram shuddered as it smashed against the gatehouse door. With Cheesethief shouting encouragement, the ram-carriers took a short run back and battered the door again."No, but you?As the old mouse spoke, the door behind him creaked shut!

Round and round he skipped, repeating the verse over and over.Redtooth was first to arrive. He came dashing through the bushes and halted at the sight of the unconscious fox among the ferns.This was followed by a loud and grateful "Amen.""Matthias, I that am, Matthias, you that are."As yet Cluny had not chosen a new second-in-command, though he had let it be known that any of* his followers who distinguished himself in the coming battle would receive immediate promotion in the field. Killconey the ferret stood alongside his Chief with a drum that he had made from an old water butt. He had unofficially appointed himself

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39"Why, Martin, why?" he moaned."Huh. No more foolish than you were when you were saying the same thing to me not so long ago," Matthias retorted.

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Sure enough, after some peculiar grunts and much curlingThe sun was in his army's eyes!

As they strolled along, Julian protested to his companion, "Really, Matthias, I think you are asking a bit much of one. Does one have to stand around listening to that befeathered regimental bore giving air to his hide-bound militaristic views? Oh, it's too much!"

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Shortly after there was a huge fire burning in the ditch. The horde gathered close by to see what Cluny was up to. The crackling flames gave off waves of heat, causing everyone to step back. Above the ditch the air shimmered and danced."Over there, Log-a-Log! Move!"A gasp of surprise arose from all those within hearing range. Matthias bowed his head. He was stunned by his Father Abbot's words.Half an hour later, after unfolding the sad tale of Methuselah, the Abbot also took his leave.205

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"Not at all, m'dear feller; think nothing of it. I must confess mat I was a bit like you when I was a leveret, y'know. Now, what d'you say we get about the business of living properly again? I say, I'm positively famished. What about you?"

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"I'll take you to Friar Hugo's kitchen and see that he gives you the nicest breakfast you've ever had. Now what do you say to that?""I suppose it's sanctuary you want now?""Gosh!" said Matthias in an awed voice. "I thought I'd had it then. I was certain I'd fall. Thanks for saving me, Warbeak."

As complete darkness descended, a shrew sneaked up through the grass and tapped Matthias's shoulder.

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