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"He says he can cope adequately without either of us," said Methuselah.Cluny ranted and raved on, the light of madness in his eye. "Death and desolation shall be the reward of those who dare stand against Cluny. The only ones I will spare are those 1 might choose to serve me."It was only the timely intervention of Abbot Mortimer that saved Redtooth's life. ."Constance, would you please let the rat up? Much as I"Urr, that be true, zurr."now!thought of their inevitable fate. He was making them wait, drawing out the tension, reveling in their misery, savoring his evil victory." 'The same as the steps 'twixt the Hall, Remember and look to the center. My password again is Redwall, Am that is, you alone are to enter." "

gave a sigh and shook his head. "What do you suppose our Matthias is up to?"Cheesethief stepped forward, wiping imaginary tears from his face with the back of a filthy claw. "Don't you remember. Chief? He fell out of the big tree. After I'd taken care of you I went back for him, but when I got to him the poor weasel was dead. What a good, kind?Jess and Sam were congratulated heartily by all. Smiles appeared on faces that had been gloomy shortly before. Sam bowed graciously each time he was thanked. Nobody was refusing him permission to be up on the wall now."You young blaggard! So this is how you repay our kindness. You are far worse than your wicked mother!"-a moment to ease his neck.

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scratching noise. Summoning up all his courage he banished his fears. Drawing Shadow's dagger he stepped out into the open, calling aloud in what he hoped was a gruff voice."Shall we go in together, then?"Burning with resentment, Cheesethief was shoved unceremoniously aside. Cluny aimed a kick at him as the efficient weasel took his place. "You just sit there and be still," Cluny snarled. "And try not to make enough noise to waken the entire Abbey."

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"There, by the left, you look a regular little swashbuckler now," chuckled the kindly hare.Chickenhound s head flopped from side to side as he was borne along. He would only say one thing. "The Abbot. I must see the Abbot. Keep that badger away from me, or you'll learn nothing."

Matthias explained. "If you place the word 'Redwall* running both ways as it does here, you will notice that only one letter occurs in the same place, the letter W. Furthermore, if you were to turn a W upside down it becomes a letter M, which stands for Martin, Matthias, oh, and also for Methuselah, my old friend."

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One thing Matthias was certain of as he strode swiftly through the trees: it would be he and he alone who faced Cluny the Scourge at the bitter end.Remembering who it was that he had spoken to in thisMatthias looked on in wonderment. One minute they were above ground, a moment later there was a veritable shower bf loam and topsoil as they vanished beneath the earth: nature's own technicians."Even the biros have stopped singing," Constance said quietly."Where does Cluny's army go?'-'

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"Back to the ditch and the meadow! Stay out of their range!" Cluny did his best to keep his voice even. As the army retreated to safety he was the last to go, willing himself to walk slowly as if that were the way he had planned it.

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