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Matthias gasped with shock as a giant horse galloped past, its mane streaming out, eyes rolling in panic. It was towing a hay cart which bounced wildly from side to side. Matthias could see rats among the hay, but these were no ordinary rats. They were huge ragged rodents, bigger than any he had ever seen. Their heavy tattooed arms waved a variety of weapons - pikes, knives, spears and long rusty cutlasses. Standing boldly on the backboard of the hay cart was theMatthias pricked up his ears and looked at her, questioning.330That night, Cluny allowed Redtooth and Fangburn to guzzle their fill from a cask of barley wine that had been found in the church cellars. He gave Sela permission to drink also. Cluny watched as the fox pretended to drink as much of the barley wine as the rat captains. While she was doing this, Cluny also pretended to take his sleeping medicine. Cluny and Sela continued with their pantomime, neither letting a drop pass their lips.Basil puffed out his narrow chest as he absentmindedly ate one of Matthias's quince tarts. "Adders in Mossflower? Now let me see. No, 1 don't suppose there are nowadays. There was talk of one a long time back, but 1 shouldn't think he's around anymore. Filthy reptiles, adders. Nothing like stags, y'know. Now what the devil was that adder chap's name? No, I can't remember it for the life of me." "Could it be Asmodeus?" Matthias inquired innocently. Basil Stag Hare dropped a half-eaten apple pie on the i bedside table. He was suddenly very take it safely back down to the floor of the Abbey and hisConstance bravely stood her ground on the parapet, as did her small band of picked fighters. Whenever one of the missiles landed intact on the rubble pile, she would seize it, standing in fall view as she whirled the corded iron round and round, releasing it in a blur of speed. Constance was a far more powerful and accurate thrower than any rat. The attackers bared angry fangs at her from the cover of the ditch -of all the Redwall defenders the big badger was the one they most hated and feared.

321The Sparra Queen shot off into the air like an arrow from a bow. Matthias arose to continue his journey. Log-a-Log stayed behind and waited for his warriors to catch up.Sela smiled ingratiatingly. "By all means. Let your friend come along. 1 have nothing to hide.""Look at me, my little friend. I can see that you are a great warrior. You are not afraid to gaze into my eyes. Look atThe Abbot continued. "No, my son. Your heart is far too brave. This Abbey needs you, but not as a brother. Therefore, I name you Matthias, the Warrior Mouse of Redwall, champion of our Order. From this day you will defend this Abbey and all of its creatures from evil and wrong. Your sword shall be known far and wide as 'Ratdeath.' Now, Cornflower. Where is Httle Cornflower?"

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"Doubtless," said the Abbot dryly. "That young mouse is on my mind as well as hers and yours."witless mob of mice. Now Martin is mine, it is more fitting that he travels at the head of real warriors. He will lead us to victory!"302

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With the best grace he could muster, Cluny walked rather quickly up the stairs, followed by Redtooth, who laughed nervously. "Big country bumpkin, eh, Chief? One more word from you back there and she'd have thrown that table and crushed us.""Blockhead! That was your right paw. Now hold out your left, stupid! I'm going to make an example of you this lot won't forget."

Gripping the standard in bloodless claws, Cluny climbed over the fence to the common land.

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58Cornflower brightened up. "He's made a marvelous recovery. He refused to lie in bed and has been up on the wall helping out. You can't keep a good Fieldmouse down, my dad always says.""Harr, warra you'm be about, a layin' in yon road?"The scavengers dashed off, bumping clumsily into each other with panic as they tried to get through the door together. Cluny slumped back on the bed and snorted impatiently.The moonlight illuminated the scene clearly. She was alone. Where was the mouse Abbot?

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"Oh yes, Father. I'd agree with Constance. At least four hundred."

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"Matthias all red mouse."Gripping his dagger in readiness, Matthias crept into the right-hand tunnel. It was slightly narrower than the first, but just as high. The walls were yellow stone, so soft that it was almost like damp sand. Scarcely daring to breathe and glad that his feet made no sound on the sandy floor, Matthias went ahead, remembering to mark an arrow every few yards. From somewhere up ahead the young mouse could hear the sound of dripping water; the musical echoing plops made an eerie noise in the sinister stillness of the passage.141

Guosim toppled on her side, dead!

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