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"You know, old one, I can't help thinking that a victory would be assured if only we had the Warrior's sword," Matthias said.Matthias had better nocturnal vision than either of his friends. He was the first to recognize the forlorn figure that rolled on to the grass."Listen, rat, you don't scare me! I'll give you our answer. You get nothing! Now do you understand that?"

Matthias watched admiringly. "What splendid workers these moles are, Methuselah."Methuselah's words caused widespread consternation. There was much agitated nibbling of paws. Nobody could doubt he spoke the truth; he was already old and wise when the"Good. You did well. I want them kept alive," muttered Cluny as he walked across to the ditch and peered down at the captives.288

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"Hurr she come, if*n you please, Movin' bowlder, sloid on grease. '*Cluny might be making promotions. There were now three rat officers on the list of the dead.The battle continued sporadically all day and into the evening. The ram-carriers kept up their attack, but somehow the great door withstood them. When the last vestiges of twilight were

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"Scragg, wake up. It's me, Cheesethief. Oh come on now, I'm sure you remember me? The stupid one, the rat whose job you were going to take?"236

Matthias smiled disarmingly. He threw his paws open wide. "I'm lost!" he said.

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A heart-rending moan arose from the shrews in the undergrowth.He was puzzled. What did the fearful dream mean? Cluny had never been one to put his faith in omens, but this dream ... it had been so lifelike and vivid that he shuddered.40

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while some ugly great rodent and his band of yahoos run about conquering my countryside? Huh, never let it be said in the mess that Basil Stag Hare was backward in coming forward! Ask away, Matthias, you young curmudgeon."Dunwing was waiting for him. She tied it firmly around his waist. Matthias tested the knot apprehensively as the sparrow told him what she proposed to do.

"Thinking caps on again," said the old mouse. "Let's make a close inspection of these steps."

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