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There was no need for the Father Abbot to concern himself with the underhand dealings of traitor foxes. Constance would be well able to deal with the situation herself."I warn you, come out and show yourself," he shouted irritably. "I'm in no mood for playing games."The unlucky pair stumbled off through the nighttime woodland, gesticulating and muttering together, weaving a fabric of lies that they hoped would satisfy Cluny the Scourge.235"Huh. No more foolish than you were when you were saying the same thing to me not so long ago," Matthias retorted."Oh, you young booby," Methuselah giggled. "I mixed the letters up and re-arranged them. It's your own name . . . 'am that is' . . . Matthias."The two friends wandered onwards, past the pond. Early-morning sunlight glinted off the water, throwing out ripples from the fish caught by the overnight lines which were baited and left to drift each evening by Brother Alf. Ahead of them lay the berry-hedges - raspberry, blackberry, bilberry - and the strawberry patch where every August sleepy baby creatures could be seen, their stomachs full after eating the pick of the crop. Gradually they made their way around the big old chestnut trees into the orchard. This was the Abbot's favorite spot. Many a leisurely nap had he taken on sunny afternoons with the aroma of ripening fruit hovering in his

"You two are responsible for these prisoners," said Cluny. "See that no creature goes near them. Stand guard night and day. If just one of these dormice is missing, you'll both end up on a roasting spit. Is that clear?"With a grunt of satisfaction Foremole called out to his team, "Yurr moles, gather round an' set your diggen claws in um crack."Without another word Cluny marched off with his selected rodents, first to the upturned hay cart in the ditch down the road, then a quick circle around into Mossflower Wood.Cluny was a God of War!Before either of the friends could decide what to do, a rat appeared on the scene. They remained motionless.

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gate, Plumpen drew a scarlet doth from his habit. Smearing the bolts with grease from the cloth, he silently worked them loose."Do you often wander about like this at night?"miserably into the hedge. He had never felt so lonely. More than anything else at Hogwarts, more

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Bong!'* As they entered the room, Matthias skipped about and sang his ditty. Whipping out the packet he selected a nut and topped it straight into the open beak of the astonished ruler. ' "Mouseworm find more candynuts for big King Sparra," Matthias giggled. "Fetch here quick. Maybe mouse give King lib nuts. King letta mouse go home free."

"Three weeks!" At first the rat leader had raged and sworn. He had never been out of action that long in all his life. But secretly he knew that the fox was right. Without her, Cluny would have been dead or permanently crippled.

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"Oh, by the way, how is your father?"Turning back to Redwall, the pursuers came upon Matthias. He was leaning on Friar Hugo's arm in a dazed condition. Painfully he staggered up the road to where Shadow lay. Wincing, he cast about, searching the muddy roadway for the fragment of tapestry.He was still alive!"Oh, I don't know," said Matthias casually. "I didn't find it too hard, and at least the little hooligan seems to understand what I'm saying to her.""We Squires of Gingivere are an ancient line. In the past 1 .iave seen many such tokens as this weapon. My grandsires owned a vast armory full of magnificent and valued battle

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In spite of his advanced years, Methuselah gripped Matthias's paw and ran so fast that the younger mouse.had difficulty in keeping up.

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The struggling creature pointed a paw to the north-east before wriggling from Matthias's grasp to dive headlong into the fray.322Matthias and Log-a-Log gathered up their packs and weapons as Guosim leaned on the side of a narrow slab and continued her summary.

Through a high slitted window, Matthias could see the rosy-pink and gold fingers of dawn stealing down to Cavern Hole as the candles began to flicker and smoke into stubs. All in the space of a night events had moved from festivity to a crisis, and he, Matthias, had taken a major role in both. First the big grayling, then the sighting of the cart; large happenings for a small mouse.

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