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Surrounded by a band of shrews that had started quarreling over the best route to the quarry, Matthias marched stolidly forward. They trekked through the trees, leaving Mossflower Wood far behind, across open ground, giving the farmhouse a carefully wide berth, breeching hawthorn hedges and spanning dried-out ditches, through several fields that lay fallow in the summer stillness.Chickenhound was hauled into the Abbey building and laid out on a bench. Abbot Mortimer shuffled up in his nightshirt, rubbing sleep from his eyes. He inspected the fox's wounds with a critical, practiced look and spoke dispassionately, "Well, fox, what do you want from us? No doubt Cluny your master has sent you here to spy.""You carry on, Constance. We'll be down shortly.""It's all right now, Sam," she said, gently. "The fox cannot hurt us. Thank you for protecting me."Brother Alf looked out at the still form in the grass. "It may be too late. Ambrose isn't even twitching. Look, he's not rolled up in a ball anymore."The friends pressed onwards. They could not estimate how long they had been following the course of this ancient winding corridor. Methuselah had ventured slightly ahead. Now he halted.

237"Not a very well organized initial sortie for the invincible horde. Our chaps took the wind out of their sails, what?"Matthias nodded cunningly. "Oh, I don't want to take everything you own. Let's just say that you guarantee to return my medal and make a few little promises."Warbeak came fluttering and bustling in. "Wind much strongblow. Old mouse say he tell squirreljess, you be out on roof when Josabell ring lunchworm. Squirreljess meet there with climbrope."would like to see him get his just desserts, you must remember we cannot break the law of hospitality in our Abbey."

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Having spoken his piece Matthias felt his confidence surge back. He stood tense and alert. However, he received no answer, save the mocking echo of his own voice ringing back at him through the dark woodlands.Horde captains came stamping out of the Abbey. They prodded the prisoners with cutlass points and slapped out with flat blades at the helpless defenders.

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In a fighting fury, Matthias grabbed the scabbard. He used it like a sword, smashing it mercilessly once, twice, thrice, into the Sparra King's face. The force of the blows from the weighty sword case knocked Bull Sparra senseless. He toppled from the roof out into space. Matthias screamed in panic. The King's claws were still caught fast in the sword belt.

"Frogblood! Scumnose!"

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"This time there will be no mistakes!" he yelled. "And there will be no retreat! We stay, even if it means putting Redwall to siege. We stand firm! Anyone who takes one backward step is dead. Anyone who disobeys orders is dead. Anyone who does not fight tooth and claw with all of his337Matthias threw down his staff. He took a dipper of water from an oaken pail, drinking deeply, then splashing the remains over his aching head.

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asleep. So we pounced on 'em and tied them up in a bunch. Nice big fat ones they are, Chief."

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The Sparra mother looked up sharply. "What mouse mean. Gift?" Matthias drew close and whispered conspiratorially. "You125293


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