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Killconey lay watching the gate from behind a sycamore-in the woods. Near to every other entrance one of Cluny's most trusted soldiers was concealed, awaiting the signal. It was the ferret who was rewarded by the sight of the scarlet cloth being shoved through the doorjamb. He hurried away to tell Cluny."Hmm, I can see that you need this herb, so why don't you send your son Chickenhound to get it?"A black moth on a moonless night would not have escaped Shadow's notice. He needed no lamp to scrutinize the thing before him. So this was the picture of the warrior mouse that Cluny lusted after. Using his razor-sharp fangs he began gnawing into the ancient tapestry, working from the tasseled hem upwards.The sparrows lived higgledy-piggledy here in one great untidy tribe. The roof above met in the shape of an upturned V, thus making the court a long triangular structure. Under the eaves at either edge were countless scruffy-looking nests, all of which appeared to be filled to overflowing with shrieking baby sparrows. At one end the loft was blocked off by roofing slates and old nesting materials. This was the King's own private chamber. Matthias estimated that it was probably underneath where the weather vane was situated.Either side of Cluny on the tombstone stood Darkclaw and Killconey. Scornfully watching the chaotic maneuvers, the Warlord would criticize first one then the other for the shortcomings of the creatures they represented. Both squirmed under the lash of the Chiefs tongue.165

325"West," said Fangburn, simultaneously.The Abbot could not help shaking his head in admiration. It seemed that young Matthias had hidden depths.239

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Ignoring her injuries, Constance called into the surrounding woods, "Over here, he's over here!"302Brother Alf sighed deeply. He knew, having watched Matthias since the first day he arrived at the Abbey gates, a woodland orphan, always polite, willing and cheerful. But

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The timid mice smiled among themselves. The blustering"Two pails of good, fine, slick vegetable oil," Jess announced. "The minute they drop the battering ram, we'll tip this down all over it. Let's see them try to break a door with it then!"

Slowly lifting the visor, Cluny allowed his single eye to rove around. It came to rest on the Abbey leader.

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Matthias was suddenly wide awake. The sparrow had his undivided attention. "A plan? What sort of plan? Oh, please tell me, Dunwing!""Kill her! Kill the dirty little swindler!" Cluny's cry rang out. But before a spear or a missile could be thrown, Jess had gone. She darted from tree to tree with artistic speed. Far above Mossfiower ground in the upmost terraces of foliage, the champion squirrel turned her flight in the direction of Redwall Abbey.Matthias was famished. He sat down and took his lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel, the Vole family, Silent Sam, and Basil the garrulous hare. The young mouse ate mechanically. He did not really want conversation. This latest discovery of a new and baffling rhyme concerning moonlight, the north and"Why pick on a small mouse? Surely a big strong rat like you can deal with an old badger? Come on, try me for size."

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Old Brother Methuselah had kept the Abbey records for as long as any creature could remember. It was his life's work and consuming passion. Besides the official chronicle of Red-wall he also kept his own personal volume, full of valuable information. Traveling creatures, migratory birds, wandering foxes, rambling squirrels and garrulous hares ?they all stopped and chatted with the old mouse, partaking of his hospitality, never dreaming of hurting him in any way. Methuselah had the gift of tongues. He could understand any creature, even a bird. He was an extraordinary old mouse, who lived with the company of his volumes in the solitude of the gatehouse.

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Slowly Cluny's tail wound itself about the ferret's neck, drawing him in close.- 玱uld see your lovely rope now!" Ragear straightened up for

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