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Matthias nodded cunningly. "Oh, I don't want to take everything you own. Let's just say that you guarantee to return my medal and make a few little promises."Cluny shot him a warning glance. "Quiet. Do as she says."of poor old Mingo on his way home he'll probably sleep through today and go out to hunt tonight."

245"Huh, what are we supposed to do now? Hang about up here until after midnight and wait for a miracle?""All those rats! Such big ones, too."

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Cornflower and Matthias had become quite friendly. They were young mice of the same age. Though their temperaments were different they found something in common, an interest in Tim and Tess, the twin churchmice. They had passed a pleasant evening, joking and playing games with the little creatures. Tess had clambered on to Matthias's lap and fallen asleep, whereupon baby Tim did likewise in the velvety fur of Cornflower. She smiled at Matthias as she stroked Tim's small head. "Ah, bless their little paws! Don't they look peaceful?"

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Two mice within Redwall!'"Thus did Mortimer, the Father Abbot of Redwall, die.

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Cluny waved his standard above the sun-flecked dust rising from the road. Gradually the horde ground to a halt."Not a very well organized initial sortie for the invincible horde. Our chaps took the wind out of their sails, what?"Having spoken his piece Matthias felt his confidence surge back. He stood tense and alert. However, he received no answer, save the mocking echo of his own voice ringing back at him through the dark woodlands.Having been given full instructions by Matthias, Jess stood at the base of the immense Abbey building. The squirrel237

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Matthias stood his ground bravely, not knowing what to expect. Bull Sparra stood up. He strutted about in front of Matthias, then around behind him. Matthias felt his belt gripped from behind by strong claws. The crazed King whispered close in his ear.Fangburn hurried off, aware that Cluny was watching him.

Log-a-Log took the stone. "Matthias of Redwall, you are on our land. We will escort you. The Guerrilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower would never live down the shame of

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