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Jess placed her paws on the fat mouse's shoulders. The squirrel's face was a mixture of sadness and concern.The tears rolled down Matthias's cheeks. He could not stop them. The Abbot patted his paw kindly.The fox waved his flag, squinting up at Constance. "But I must see the Abbot! I come in peace. I have important information for sale."Unexpectedly Killconey received her reward for flattery at the wrong time - a thwack over her head from the standard.The sparrow placed a claw upon his paw. "Me know alia time. Matthias mouse not come to bring my eggchick safehome. Come for sword. Not get sword. Alia same, belt case belong mice. You must take away. These things trouble for Sparra. Husband dead because of sword.""Lovely day for a climb," she remarked off-handedly.Friar Hugo came out and dumped a bulky sack next to Mrs. Churchmouse. "Abbot says to thank you for the loan of bowls and tablecloths, ma'am." The fat friar gave her a huge wink.

?Blast, he's as slippery as a greased pig."Even as Winifred spoke two grappling hooks with climbing ropes attached came clanging over the parapet and lodged in the joints.A rat armorer set the war helmet firmly upon Cluny's head. He snapped the visor down and kicked aside the rat who had fixed the poison barb on his tail."I'll take you to Friar Hugo's kitchen and see that he gives you the nicest breakfast you've ever had. Now what do you say to that?"Twixt Hall and Cavern Hole.

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"Take care, warrior. I'll see you later," said Log-a-Log.BOOK ONEBattlehawk hit Matthias in the face with a stiff bony wing. "Mouseworm, shut beak or me killee."

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stopped there was the musty odor of death clinging to the"Yes, I've heard that, too," Jess agreed. "We'll have to arrange a warm reception for those filthy vermin when they show up!"

Sure enough, after some peculiar grunts and much curling

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Matthias. "Ah well, Hare's the family name, don't y'know.The badger passed a bundle of arrows to Ambrose Spike for distribution as she replied, "Aye, that she is, Father Abbot. But she looks worried. Matthias, do you think?""Listen to that.""O King, mouse have no got more candynuts. Give all to great Majesty. Now you let mouse go freehome," he saidMatthias ran across and seized the Guerrilla Shrew by her paw. "Guosim, how did you get here, you little nuisance? We've been sear?

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A stem-looking old shrew barged Guosim out of the way and whistled sharply. He produced a round, black pebble and held it up.

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room. Constance and I can take the shield up to the threshold. You get a good night's sleep. We'll tell you all about it in the morning.""Do?" he cried. "I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll be ready."Exerting the full strength of a female badger, she lifted the massive Cavern Hole dining table. It was a huge solid oaken thing that no dozen mice could even move. Dishes clattered and food spilled as Constance heaved the table above her head. Her voice was a roar. "Get out, rats! Leave this Abbey! I'm weary of your voices. Hurry before 1 break the laws of hospitality and ask the Abbot's pardon later. Go, while you still have skulls."

"Who else but meself, sir?" the ferret wheedled. "And don't I know some grand ould animals that could help? Ferrets like me, stoats and weasels; why, sure, we're as good as any mole when it comes to the tunnelin', so we are; shorin' and bankin', sinkin' shafts and galleries?

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