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"Comrades," she shouted. "Tell this mouse what happens to a trespasser."Methuselah touched a paw to his nose knowingly. "For instance, did you notice that there is a southerly breeze tonight? No, I don't suppose you did. Then look at the top of that old elm tree sticking up above the wall. Yes, that one over by the small door. Tell me what you see."The dormouse explained in a shaky voice: "My family, sir. My mother, father, brothers, sisters, and my wife and two little ones. Oh please, sir, spare them, I beg you!"Matthias traced patterns in the dust with the sword-point and spoke civilly to the owl. "Well, Cap'n Snow, sir. I never took you for a bad sport. Besides, I've got an entire regiment of shrews hidden all about. They're waiting to hear you honor your wager."

" Asmodeussssssssssssssss!"

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Bounding down into the grounds she was surrounded by cheering friends, not the least of whom was Mr. Squirrel, who smothered her with kisses, while their son, Silent Sam,"Bring that picture back here to me. Do this, and your reward will be great when I sit on the Abbot's chair in Redwall Abbey. But fail me, and your screams will be heard far beyond the woodland and meadows!"

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spat it out.

Bong! Boom! Bong! Boom! Even the small creatures in wood and field who could understand no language save their own knew what it meant. "Time of danger, place of sanctuary."

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8Outside in the meadow, Fangburn and Darkclaw listened in disbelief to the ferret.

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Cluny had fallen asleep in his tent. He needed peace to clear his troubled mind. But peace was not easy to come by when the mouse warrior visited his dreams once more.

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Some said that Cluny was a Portuguese rat. Others said he came from the jungles far across the wide oceans. Nobody knew for sure.

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