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John Churchmouse, Mr. Vole and Friar Hugo ran about bending low. They collected up all the arrows, spears and stones hurled by the horde, issuing them to the defenders.The elder's stern expression softened. He watched the little novice rolling about on the grass, grappling with large armfuls of the smooth hazelnuts which constantly seemed to escape his grasp. Shaking his old grey head, yet trying to hide a smile, Abbot Mortimer bent and helped to gather up the fallen nuts.Log-a-Log sprang forward and dealt the speaker a mighty blow, laying him fiat out on his back.If he had been a little fitter, he would have personally slain his oafish captain. But as it was, Cluny kept silent about it all. Even if Sela was playing a double game, he needed the fox's healing powers to regain his health and strength.

Having said this he took his tail in his claws, and pulled the poison war spike from its rip. Tossing it on the armor pile, Cluny hitched his tail in a knot around his middle.Killconey stopped and shuddered. He spoke incredulously, as if he were unable to believe himself. "We saw the biggest snake you ever clapped eyes on. The father of all serpents! He had poor Ragear's body by the feet and was dragging it along backwards."Chickenhound heaved the scroll with all his strength. He was gratified to see Constance lean out and catch it. Hopefully he called, "I'll wait right here for an answer."

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The hare puffed out his narrow chest and stood with paw on heart, his eyes closed and ears standing straight up. He awaited orders. The young mouse, hiding a smile at Basil's noble pose, said admiringly, "Oh, Mr. Hare, you do look heroic standing like that! Thank you!""Cluny, Cluny, Cluny the Scourge!"

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Without warning, Matthias shoved Warbeak roughly off die ledge.

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It was difficult to tell who was the more surprised, Matthias and his party or the rat sentries."You'll what? Did I hear you say that you'd fight Asmodeus? You! Oh little mouse, run away and play before I crack a wing laughing. Ha ha ha hee hee oh hohohoho! Oh, dearie me! Are you sure you haven't been drinking old apple brandy? A mouse fighting an adder! Oh my, now I've heard everything!"

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"Of course you did, Jess," said Matthias, hiding his disappointment. "Thank you very much for your valiant efforts."

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