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With great love and care, Methuselah was putting the final touches to his repair of the tapestry. Only a very sharp-eyed observer would be able to tell that it had once been torn. The warning shouts caused him to stop what he was doing. He turned to see the fox racing towards the door with Friar Hugo trailing far behind, shouting for all he was worth."Please drink this and lie still," she ordered."Here, shrew! You are smaller than I am! Climb through, then see if you can tug me backwards by my feet. Come on, move yourself if you want to live!""Hush now, Matthias, and lie still," Cornflower chided him. "You're lucky to be alive. It was touch and go right through the night."

"Why, Mr. Bankvole! So nice to see you! How's the back? Better now? Good. Here, try a drop of this peach and elderberry brandy."Warbeak spread her wings. "I bring alia tribe Sparra warrior. We come, help."The door to Great Hall was not locked. Shadow judged that the latch was probably old and creaky. He took out the vial of oil and lubricated the latch and hinges. Carefully he inched the door ajar- apart from a tiny squeak it swung effortlessly open. Sliding inside, he released the door by mistake. A swift night breeze slammed it shut with a dull thud.Basil Stag Hare superintended the willing creatures who carried logs and ruling to shore up the gatehouse entrance. The hare had brought a touch of military efficiency to bear upon the exercise. He had formed the volunteers into a living chain which constantly passed the defense materials along.275

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336He quickly turned his face away, knowing she could see his tears.

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Matthias hit the floor as the King shoved him fiercely in the back. "Mouse lie. King Bull not wormfool! Where you get? Tell, tell."The treatment was working.

"Couldn't say for sure, Father Abbot. There must have Been hundreds."

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One of the older mice, Sister Clemence, chided Matthias as an upstart. Her voice was stern and condescending. "Novice Matthias, you will be silent and do as your Abbot commands."22"I say, old thing, where's this leader feller? Cluny, or Loony, whatever you call him."When it stood fully open, Matthias put his paw around Methuselah's thin shoulders.

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They crept along under cover of the hedge towards the big dwelling of the mouse folk. Rats were hunters; thankfully they had not noticed him. The frog stayed motionless and let them pass. It was none of his business.

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