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Methuselah was forced to agree. After sitting awhile and letting his eyes roam about, Matthias remarked, "I've just noticed something. The name of our Abbey is carved into die wall as you go up the steps on the left-hand side, and also as you descend on the right-hand wall. It reads 'Redwall,1 either way.""Third rank, fire! Drop back, kneel and reload!"Shadow sat on the top pulpit step. Cluny issued his orders. "You will climb the Abbey wall. Many sentries patrol the top of the wall. Take the utmost care. If you get captured, you are of no use to me. There is no point in one alone trying to attack the gatehouse and open the aoor. It is too well guarded, so forget the gate.""Henceforth this place shall be known as Hall of the Scourge," he shouted insanely. "No more will the Abbey be known as Redwall, it shall be called Cluny's Castle! Everything will change!"

1 - am that is,of poor old Mingo on his way home he'll probably sleep through today and go out to hunt tonight."Two mice within Redwall!'""I tell you, he's off his rocker," said Kilkoney. "Sittin* there like a stuffed dummy, ha! Things to think about, if you please! Meanwhile, we've got the whole horde ready to go through that there tunnel and take the Abbey. What're we supposed to do?"The old gatehouse-keeper leaned upon the young mouse's arm as they walked along, talking of this and that. Eventually die conversation came around to the sparrows' attack upon Jess.

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Latching her tail around a projecting gargoyle, Jess shouted back, "Well, I'm making headway, m'dear. This stone though - it's a bit rough on the old paws and claws. Not like good old wood or tree bark.""There, there, old girl. Don't fret. Many times in our history has tragedy been forestalled by miraculous happenings.""Come on, Log-a-Log. We'll have to go in there. Be as quiet as you can."

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The big rock catapulted over the top of the parapet. Several seconds of silence followed, then there was a crash, accompanied by screams of pain and shock from the rats packed into the ditch below. Winifred and Foremole gravely shook paws.Cluny the Scourge was having nightmares.

Asmodeus poked his head into the entrance. His sibilant voice called in to them: "Stay where you are, little ones. I will come to you, Asmodeussss!"

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69The friends pressed onwards. They could not estimate how long they had been following the course of this ancient winding corridor. Methuselah had ventured slightly ahead. Now he halted.Skullface swallowed nervously and licked his dry lips.But had he? Ambrose made a few mysterious passes and produced the shell, straight out of the mouth of an awestruck infant mouse. Was it magic?"Ugh! I simply cannot abide the taste of mouse. Filthy little vermin, one can never tell where they've been."

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Outside in the churchyard the leaderless horde did absolutely nothing to reorganize. Sitting about licking theirOnce again the Abbot's room was the scene of a late repast. The news that Constance had brought showed without a doubt that Cluny would soon be on the attack again."A little bird told me," Matthias replied.


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