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They battled across the green Abbey lawns, right through the center of the maelstrom of warring creatures. Oblivious to the fighting around them they sought to destroy each other, hacking, stabbing, lunging and swinging in mortal combat."Your son, ha. That's a good one! I'll tell you what I want, mouse. I want it all. The lot. Everything. Do you hear me?""Let me go, Martin! I fear no creature that lives."327The high tree did prove to be an elm, an ancient giant covered in gnarled bumps and handy branches. Cluny sized it up: exactly what he wanted, the perfect distance from the wall. He turned to his commando squad.

The Abbot beckoned urgently, "Cornflower, give me that lantern, child. Quickly!"Guosim was seated upon the open ground, her eyes wide with fright, teeth chattering madly, her whole body trembling tike a leaf.

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Jess was about to hurl more nuts and insulting remarks when the form of Cluny's plan dawned on her. The rat was trying to do exactly as she and Basil had done. It was a trap to make her become careless. Two can play at that game, Jess thought to herself. The horde soldiers watching the squirrel noticed a change come over her. She appeared agitated, gnawing upon her lip and rubbing her paws together. In anguish she clutched the tapestry, hugging it to her body.

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The sparrow tapped him with her claw. "Why not Matthias cut Warbeak free? Then fly with Sparra wings and open little worm door."

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"Now, Jess. Now!" he yelled.

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he had forgotten it all again and was hatching more crazy plans. Matthias was constantly amazed at the mode of life in the Sparra court. The sparrows showed no kindness or civility to one another, often fighting savagely among themselves on the slightest pretext. Warriors, and even fledglings, joined in. The injuries they inflicted upon each other were appalling.An air of apprehension lay across the camp in the meadow. Cheesethief was dead. Pierced by an immense arrow and dressed in Cluny's best battle armor, he lay amid the wreckage of the leader's tent. Not one of the horde dared go near the gruesome scene lest they be found in a position of blame upon Cluny's return.

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