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Matthias nodded. Log-a-Log continued where his comrade had left off: "You're going to ask the Cap'n where you can find Giant Poisonteeth, mouse? Er, I mean, Matthias. You are either very brave or raving mad."Silence hung upon the air while Redtooth and Cluny held a whispered conference. Redtooth returned to the walls.The two friends thankfully accepted food from Cornflower and her helpers. Both watched, mystified as Winifred the otter and Foremole hoisted and pulled a seesaw into view.Abbot Mortimer called order by ringing a small bell."Out of my way, you doddering old fool," he panted.The Sparra mother looked up sharply. "What mouse mean. Gift?" Matthias drew close and whispered conspiratorially. "YouV. The sparrow listened intently as the young mouse unfolded ithe story of Redwall Abbey and the part that he was playing ,in its hour of need. When Matthias had finished his tale, Dunwing saw the truth of it in his open face. She drew close land said quietly, "Matthias, Dunwing knew! First day you 'Come here I see belt you wear. It all same as thing behind yfihair in King's room."

Matthias, realizing that this was no time for idle chit-chat, promptly shouted out in a loud, courtly manner, "O King, I come to return one of your brave young warriors!""So did I until I saw how high this lot is," Matthias wailed.To the Abbot of Redwall Abbey"Asmodeus, Asmodeussssssss."Behind the Friar's back Basil and Sam almost choked with laughter in the middle of an apple cream pudding.

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"Well, well. It's the friend of the mice! So, we meet again, badger!"The sparrow's venomous temper increased. "King Bull Sparra, he killee you. Make dead quickfast."

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Cluny made it his duty to assess personally the progress at the tunnel workings. He was scathingly critical of the small hole that had been gouged into the side of the ditch, roundly cursing any creature who dared to complain of difficult obstacles.Despite its outwardly untidy appearance, the nest was neat and cozy on the inside. Warbeak had gathered Matthias's gear together. Repacking it into the torn haversack, she returned it to her mouse friend, eyeing him in an apprehensive manner.

"Come on, Basil, head for the woods. We'll make it together."

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"Yes, I will, smarty rat!"Cluny could wait. He gave it another half-hour, until he could actually see some of the guards on top of the wall nodding off at their posts. What was thirty minutes, after he had waited so long for this moment? With practiced skill he slid from his hiding place and crossed to the wall door. One gentle push and the small iron door swung slowly open on its greased hinges. Cluny stood in the doorway as his soldiers filed past him on their way to the Abbey building. There was little need to worry about the wall guards. Those who were awake would be watching the road or the enemy camp, their backs turned on the secret invaders.Methuselah popped his head out briefly and beckoned. "Come into the study, Matthias. Oh, and bring that little horror too."Matthias walked out into the road, staff in hand. Stray wisps of hay drifted down behind him. His legs trembled uncontrollably. Constance hauled the Abbey cart back on to the road. Cornflower was helping her mother and Mrs. Church-mouse to calm the little ones' tears of fright. Together they stood in the cart tracks amid the settling dust.

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Martin took hold of Matthias's shoulder. The young mouse tried to wrench himself free.

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"Let me see. 'Summer of the Big Drought' . . . 'Winter of the Deep Drifts' . . . yes, ! thought I'd find it here. Do you remember I told you of a sparrowhawk whom I treated about four years back? Well, here is my report, some small notes I made at the time. This hawk talked of the sparrows. She called them winged mice, though for the life of me I cannot see any comparison between highly civilized mice and those primitive savages. Point was, though, this sparrowhawk said she'd been told that the sparrows once stole an object of great value to our Abbey. She didn't say what it was. I thought the bird ,was merely trying to impress me with idle gossip: I should have questioned her further. We may have found out just what that object was."Matthias stumbled from the gruesome death-larder of the adder, out into the main cavern. He sat for a while shuddering with horror at what he had seen, hardly believing that the still body had been a warm, living, breathing creature not long ago. Forcing himself to rise and carry on, Matthias continued his explorations."Bring them forward," said Constance. "They may be of some help if Matthias opens his eyes. You never know."

Warbeak cocked her head quizzically to one side. "What Matthias think about?"

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