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Matthias felt the suffocating dust clog his mouth as he struggled to turn his body over. Warbeak pecked and scratched frantically, her target obscured by the bulky haversack. Reaching up behind himself, the mouse felt around until he grasped the sparrow's leg. Giving it a hard pull, he rolled over, plucking out his dagger in the same movement. Matthias lay across Warbeak, pinning her to the floor, the point of his dagger pricking the sparrow's throat.With two rats flanking him, the Father Abbot stepped forward in a slow, dignified manner. Even clad in his nightwear he radiated calm and fortitude. Cluny sat back, sneering openly.Cluny gestured with his tail. "Come closer then. I will tell you what must be done.""Yes, and a robber to boot. Fancy stealing Martin's tapestry from the mice! What harm have they ever done to him?"

Constance's reply was harsh and unafraid, "Then speak your piece and begone, rats."Complete silence fell. He handed the pebble to Matthias.Drawing his dagger, Matthias hastily cut the bindings from the paws of the Voles, issuing orders as he worked. "Follow me and do as I say. Move as quickly and quietly as you can."

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Chickenhound was dismayed. This last insult had taken die wind completely out of his sails. He tried to think how Sela would have handled a situation like this. Eventually he unrolled the bark scroll and waved it up at Constance.Matthias felt the fur on the back of his neck rising."Pleased to meet you. Squire Julian," said Matthias politely.

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gleaming craftily.

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