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"We're not back home yet by any means, Mr. Vole, and even if we do make it back to the Abbey, I dread to think what we may find.""Hmm, nice shiny scales, bright eyes, beautifully fresh." Friar Hugo smiled so joyfully that his face disappeared amidThey both tucked in voraciously. Friar Hugo came waddling up, his face a picture of delight.281Cluny nodded over at where the body lay.The cat stared back at Matthias in disgust. Disdainfully it wiped a fastidious paw across its soiled tongue and spat as if toying to rid itself of a horrible taste." Asmodeussssssssssssssss!"

210Back at the church Cluny had risen from his bed. He attempted an exploratory walk, leaning on his banner as he stumped gingerly around the room.A broken piece of mirror reflecting the moonlight was the only illumination in the King's chamber. He dismissed his two warriors to wait outside. The King of the Sparra folk sat staring at the young mouse in silence.73Basil Stag Hare tut-tutted severely as he remarked to Ambrose Spike, "Teh, tch. Dreadful table manners. Just look at those three, kicking up a hullaballoo like that! Eating's a serious business. They haven't touched a bite of supper, y'know."

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Matthias ran his foot around the edge of the circle. "We're not quite sure yet, but we are trying to figure it out. You see, it's all linked closely with the rhyme from the wall of GreatQuietly he arose and dressed himself, hanging his sandals around his neck by their thongs. Taking a clean pillowslip, he stocked it with the remainder of the food from the table. Someone had thoughtfully placed his dagger in the bedside locker. It must have been found on the floor of Great Hall. Searching around, Matthias came upon a good stout pole, probably used as a window or curtain opener. He decided it would come in handy.and apologize to him, then you could both be friends and live in the barn again."

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"I have a feeling he won't," Log-a-Log replied. " Asmodeus got a full day's hunt in yesterday. With the unexpected bonusObediently the crowd fell back. More lanterns were

Matthias tried questioning Brother Methuselah further, but the warm sun had worked its magic upon the old gatekeeper as he sat in the orchard savoring the peace and tranquility of a June afternoon. This time there was no deception. He was genuinely fast asleep.

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"Ouch! Punch me, would you? I'll soon show you!"Brother Methuselah was busy with a small brush and a pot of black ink. As he brushed the dust of ages from each letter on the wall, he filled it in with ink. This would make it easier to read the message that had been graven underneath the tapestry.The elder's stern expression softened. He watched the little novice rolling about on the grass, grappling with large armfuls of the smooth hazelnuts which constantly seemed to escape his grasp. Shaking his old grey head, yet trying to hide a smile, Abbot Mortimer bent and helped to gather up the fallen nuts.The old fool of an Abbot and his stupid devoted band of creatures were all outside, shoring up gatehouses, drilling, fetching, carrying and generally being good and useful.any longer. You're like an old lady otter who's just lost a fish. If old Methuselah were here now, he'd chuck a jug of water over you and turf you right out of that bed on your fat httlc head!"

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Cluny's army halted at the sound of the Joseph Bell, As the dust settled, Fangbum looked to his leader for approval.

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"Me fly out on to roof. Hold other end of rope plenty tight. You swing out. No worry, me pullee up."356Seek and you will see;

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