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Twixt Hall and Cavern Hole."Aye, foxes, sir," the ferret replied. "Didn't me ould mother always used to say, There's nothing like a fox to fix'? There's a whole tribe of 'em livin' across the meadow, sir. Old Sela the vixen is the girl you'll be wanting, her and her son Chickenhound. They'll fix you up as right as rain if there's something in it for them. Does yer honor want me to fetch them?"The little squirrel leaped upon the table. He darted up and down, thrusting out his paw as if he held a sword in it, stabbing away at thin air. He pointed at Matthias. The young mouse gave him a hug. "No, bless you, Sam. I haven't got a sword of my own yet, but I will have some day."The crowd fell silent. All that could be heard was Silent Sam sucking his tiny paw as he clutched on to his father's tail.The Abbot folded his paws within his wide sleeves. "It goes well for us, old one, though how I can say that anything goes well which causes death and injury to living creatures is beyond me. We live in strange times, my friend."BOOK THREEThe horse had gotten away safely.

Asmodeus was working his body free, pushing forward.Basil humphed through his military-style whiskers. "Good grief, doesn't bear thinkin' about, old girl! Those rats and vermin, an absolute shower of yahoos and cads! Bad influence, y'know."Alone and unencumbered, Matthias struck off into the woods. Traveling doggedly on wearied legs, he realized that his entry to Redwall would have to be from the Mossfiower side, as the main gate would probably be under attack. Could the defenders hold out? Was Constance organizing the retaliation correctly without him! Had the sentries stayed alert? Was Cornflower safe?Now that they were on the run, this was the proper time to consolidate a resounding Redwall victory!me."

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"Quiet, fool, "said Cluny. "I think I hear the others coming back. Now straighten yourselves up, and not a word to anyone about this serpent thing, or you'll feel my serpent across your backs." Cluny's long tail waved menacingly under their noses. They took his point."Matthias, I that am, Matthias, you that are."In spite of his dangerous predicament Matthias was inwardly amused at the King's use of his name. Slumping to the floor, he sat with his head between his paws, the picture of dejected innocence.

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"There was six of'em, Chief, they tried surrounding me, but I fought like a devil! Then I says to meself, Ragear, says

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Cluny cursed inwardly. For all his show of force and arrogance, he had made a strategical error.sir, lullin' them into a false sense of security! Make 'em think they're winnin*, that's the game.""Do your mummy and daddy kndw you are out?"Jess elbowed her way through the throng. She kissed Mr. Squirrel, patted her son Silent Sam upon the head, then shook paws with Constance, Matthias and Methuselah. With a brisk cheery manner she scooped up a handful of soil, rubbing it into her paws to give some extra gripping power.The badger stood up wearily and rubbed her eyes.

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"Temper, temper! Tut tut! Such language! If your mother could hear you!"

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Matthias hit the floor as the King shoved him fiercely in the back. "Mouse lie. King Bull not wormfool! Where you get? Tell, tell.""The horde is ready to march, Chief."Sparra court, where he said there were important matters to attend to. Bull Sparra flew away from the woods secretly relieved. On reflection he did not fancy a second meeting with the giant Poisonteeth whether it was alive, dead, or just pretending, as Poisonteeth often did. Muttering and grumbling to justify himself, the King flew upwards to his court under the roof.

The Warrior sleeps

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