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"I say, old thing, where's this leader feller? Cluny, or Loony, whatever you call him."The Abbot bowed and placed his paws within his wide habit sleeves. "So be it," he said with great solemnity. "I leave the salvation of Redwall to you, my commanders."Winifred the otter lay alongside Constance and whispered to her, "Hear that scraping! Cluny's lot are putting something against the walls. It's my guess they'll be trying to climb up while we've got to lie low."339Sela jumped in hastily. "Er, er, he walked into a big thorn tree, didn't you, Fangburn?"For the first time since the formation of their union, the shrews stood in slack-jawed silence, completely lost for an answer!Outside the tent Killconey and Fangburn exchanged uneasy glances.

Jess elbowed her way through the throng. She kissed Mr. Squirrel, patted her son Silent Sam upon the head, then shook paws with Constance, Matthias and Methuselah. With a brisk cheery manner she scooped up a handful of soil, rubbing it into her paws to give some extra gripping power.Cluny went like a bat out of hell. Glancing back, he saw all the carnage, death and misery he had caused in his career. The big rat laughed insanely and ran faster: on and on, past scenes of desolation and destruction wreaked by him, Cluny die Scourge. Roating through the red mists he could still see die strange mouse hard on his heels. Cluny felt himself filled with hatred for his pursuer. It seemed to have grown larger; its eyes were cold and grim. Deep inside, Cluny knew that even he could not frighten this oddly-garbed mouse. Now itMatthias shook her paw with great ceremony. "Constance, wonderful badger, old friend. Don't worry about afternoon tea. You just sit yourself down right there, because I, personally, am going to bring you the largest, most delicious tea that has ever been served within the walls of this Abbey."60"It's not budging," he muttered.

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mouse.Matthias took command. He acted swiftly.

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Shortly afterwards, Cornflower arrived bearing a tray of breakfast for them both: nutbread, salad, milk and some of Friar Hugo's special quince pie. She was about to strike up a conversation with Matthias when Methuselah sent her packing.The badger stood up wearily and rubbed her eyes.


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Cluny had arrived!Methuselah was taken aback. "Do you mean to tell me you've talked with her? Remarkable! The sparrow language, or 'Sparra* as it is called, is very difficult to comprehend."334"Bet you anything you won't."22

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Warbeak spread her wings. "I bring alia tribe Sparra warrior. We come, help."

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112unspeakable."Who are you?"

"I'll tell you," he said. "But my name is not 'mouse.* It's

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