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"I think I'm going to like you, m'boy," he cried. "Now, what about getting you to that church? Why, there's nothing simpler. But enough time for that later, young rip. How about telling me what brings you here? I love listening to a good yarn, y'know. Oh, by the way, I hope you like fennel and oatcakes. Of course you do! You'll share lunch with me ?of course you will - young 'un like yourself."Was it the breeze? No, it couldn't be. The likeness of the warrior mouse was jiggling about as though it were beingMatthias smiled disarmingly. He threw his paws open wide. "I'm lost!" he said."I should say I did," Basil laughed at the memory. "Feathery old fool went to sleep in a rotten dead tree. It got blown down in a gale and trapped the blighter underneath. He'd have died if 1 hadn't come along, dug under the thing and pulled him out. Popped out Kke a shuttlecock under a door. Fellow officer, you understand. Couldn't leave him there to get flattened. His face is flat enough as it is."Killconey had a word with Cluny and was immediately sent down to supervise the operation. The garrulous ferret showed the rats that he possessed a sound knowledge of the principles of fulcrum and leverage. He rigged a block and tackle to supplement a dead tree limb that they were using as a lever. Ignoring wheels and axles he roped the cart to the block. With all the rats, and a great deal of luck, he managed to lift the hay cart until it was halfway out of the ditch. Further pressure on the lever sent the hay cart past its own point of balance. The block and tackle parted under the strain, sending the ferret and the rats on the level shooting down into the ditch. By mistake it did the trick. With a crash the cart landed upright in the road.Respectfully the ranks opened to allow Matthias and his companions through. Constance knelt to cradle her old friend's head, and Matthias gently clasped the wrinkled careworn paw. The Abbot smiled fondly at his young mouse.Matthias. Mouse like eat flowers."

"Good. You did well. I want them kept alive," muttered Cluny as he walked across to the ditch and peered down at the captives.Matthias stood patiently waiting as subdued conversation went on all about him. Surely they could not refuse so generous an offer? He tried hard to pick up the threads of talk. Some seemed all for it but others were apparently reluctant to trust his word. Finally, a small militant-looking shrew came forward and picked up the stone. He addressed Matthias in a very official manner. "Our rules say that the quarry across the river is not in shrew territory, mouse. Therefore, we cannot go with you!""Listen, rat, you don't scare me! I'll give you our answer. You get nothing! Now do you understand that?"With wild yells very uncharacteristic of peaceful mice, the friends seized their staves and charged out, fired with new zeal. After a while Constance accompanied the Abbot to see Mr. Fieldmouse, while Matthias went with Methuselah to Great Hall. Together they surveyed the torn tapestry."Well, what did you see?" barked Cluny irritably.

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He was puzzled. What did the fearful dream mean? Cluny had never been one to put his faith in omens, but this dream ... it had been so lifelike and vivid that he shuddered.202"Keep those slings throwing! Bring up extra spears! Close up that line! Don't fire until you see them stand!"

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Matthias and Cornflower struggled not to laugh aloud. Basil exploded. "Gruel! What the devil do you mean by gruel?Matthias watched admiringly. "What splendid workers these moles are, Methuselah."

"AH clear, Chief."

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IO"Brilliant!" he exclaimed. "You've done it again, my friend! A route to the Abbey roof from the inside."The old cart rolled on gently, down the long dusty road. They were now over halfway to the ruined Church of St. Ninian where John Churchmouse lived, as had his father, grandfather and great-grandfather before him. Matthias had fallen into a deep slumber. Even Constance was unable to stop her eyelids drooping. She went slower and slower. It was as if the little cart and its occupants were caught in the magic spell of an enchanted summer night.Another quick shower of soft dark earth and the moles were lost to view beneath the ground surface.Matthias's voice was tinged with disappointment. "Only the Abbey, part of the beehives, the north side of this wall, and the treetops beyond. What do your eyes see, old one?"

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Matthias was staggered. "He knew about me! Martin the Warrior knew my name! Can you imagine that?"

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I - am that is.When the "bowlder" was in position, Winifred and Fore-mole hugged each other tightly. With a nod they jumped heavily on to the near seat.he had put himself at the head of the party, helping them to carry the cumbersome object.

The battle continued sporadically all day and into the evening. The ram-carriers kept up their attack, but somehow the great door withstood them. When the last vestiges of twilight were

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