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Sister Clemence stood up smiling. She spread her paws wide. "Perhaps Cluny is coming to get us for staying up late."Cluny was standing transfixed.Throughout the night hours many sparrows worked secretly on the locks, bolts and hinges of the small wallgates.Speedily notching shafts to their strings, the archers angled their bows”211Winifred shrugged. "Well let's just hope that it was Cluny. Personally, Pd like to think that he's lying somewhere down there now, dead as a doornail."

Matthias narrowed his eyes and looked hard . . . still nothing.Matthias stood up on the wooden beam. With one mighty blow from the blade of the ancient battle-scarred sword he severed the rope holding the Joseph Bell."This message is for the Abbot's eyes only. It's important.""Silence!" roared Cluny. "Hold your tongue, vole, or I will deal with you and your family here and now before I set out to conquer your precious Abbey. Do you see my new battle flag? That is Martin the Warrior. Yes, the same one who is supposed to protect that doddering old Abbot and hisCluny was coming!

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The long plank snaked out and upwards, coming to rest gently but firmly on the parapet edge. Scragg saluted Cluny. "Plank in position and ready, Chief.""Ha, go on, you killee Warbeak with dagger! Wait see! You not get King Bull Sparra with little worm knife. King have a big sword! Chop all mouses up! Killee pretty quick, you betcha.""Brilliant, Chief, diabolical! They'd just be a crowd of terrified little mice without their wonderful Martin."

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Darkclaw and Fangburn scurried off to obey the command. Silently the others waited, their eyes glinting in evil anticipation.With a cry of dismay the fleeing pair saw the blank wall ahead. They had run into a cul-de-sac!

Dunwing immediately squashed the idea. "Matthias talk crazy. Even Warbeak and Dunwing together not able to do mat. Sparra very light, maybe strong beak, claws, but wings small, not like great birds, fall like stone carrying mouse. Huh, sometimes even worm too heavy, carry in bits, two, three journeys."

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Matthias threw down his staff. He took a dipper of water from an oaken pail, drinking deeply, then splashing the remains over his aching head.There followed an embarrassed silence. Matthias spoke half aloud. "So, it seems my quest has been in vain. But what of the scabbard?"The young mouse continued to ignore him. Log-a-Log slumped down.Silence hung upon the air while Redtooth and Cluny held a whispered conference. Redtooth returned to the walls.Jess Squirrel rappelled swiftly down to the road on a rope. Looping the rope's end around the old water-butt that had been the ferret's drum, she sprang inside, calling up to the parapet, "Haul away, Constance."

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Cluny nodded his approval. Scurvy rats, hungry ferrets, sly weasels, bad stoats - exactly what he needed.

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Fangbum was, to say the least, surprised. Cluny clapped him heartily on the back and led him across to where the rest of the horde waited apprehensively. Cluny laughed aloud to put them at their ease. He winked his eye roguishly.Constance began a steady chant: "Jump-two-three! Jumjv-two-three! Jump-two-three!""Hey! Steady on, old mouse! What are you up to?" cried Matthias.

Methuselah took a sip from Matthias's milk bowl. "Sometimes I think you have a very old head for such a young mouse. What more do you wish to know about Martin the Warrior?"

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