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Fangburn hurried off, aware that Cluny was watching him.The King was not convinced. "Mouse enemy, gotta make dead."Nobody could determine which direction the sound was coming from. It seemed to fill the very air about them as it gathered momentum; the ground began trembling with the rumbling noise.85Majorca"Well, you old tree-jumper. Let's see if we can't baffle the blighters with science!"

The tiny squirrel licked his paw and smiled. He indicated a large circle with it, pointing at himself with his unsticky paw.

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As the mice conversed, the moles hurled the last of the rubble from the ramparts, then set about brushing the stones clean.

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tinued looking upwards. Jess was reduced to a mere speck now. The young mouse gritted his teeth, willing the brave squirrel onwards. "Go on, Jess, you can do it! Not far to the gable now!"

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