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No cards, no presents, and he would be spending the evening pretending not to exist. He gazedThe two guerrilla shrews melted back into the woods. Alone now, Matthias crossed the sunny field leading to the barn, just as Basil had taught him: zig-zag, crouch, wriggle and weave.It was a plaything, made in the distant past for the use of infant woodlanders. It had lain near the strawberry patch for as long as anyone could remember. Baby animals played on it throughout the year. As a seesaw it was in perfect working order.The heavily-laden sack struck Methuselah a crushing blow. He collapsed instantly on the floor and lay still."Noble creatures, stags," the hare sighed. "Did I ever tell you I wanted to be one; a magnificent royal stag with great coathanger antlers? So, I went down to the jolly old river one night and christened m'self Stag! Had two toads and a newt as witnesses, y'know. Oh yes."

The mice smiled with pride. A brave little warrior, Matthias; he put new heart into them. Their resolve strengthened as he continued, "Huh, black rat indeed! He didn't even scratch me. Well, only a bit. But where is he- now, this sly one? Deep under the soil, if the insects are doing their job properly. Listen to me, friends. We of Redwall are a tough lot to kill off. They couldn't finish Ambrose Spike, could they? Why, even the black one armed with a dagger couldn't slay Mr. Fieldmouse, so what's a scratch or two to a mouse like me."There were no words to express the feelings of Matthias and Cornflower. They could feel the joy and pride singing from their hearts.The covering of dead moonlit vegetation on the ground trembled and rustled. What better cover than a light breeze and a hunter's moon? Glittering black eyes searched the night, a forked tongue tasted the air, the small living plants appeared to shudder as the long scaly body brushed by them, trailing its way along.The crops are growing well. The fruit trees and bushes in the orchard show much promise. The old gatehouse is now a beautiful rambling cottage. The grass is green, the sky is blue, and the honey sweeter than ever before. I willfrnish my writing now and go to prepare myself for tonight's festivities, which will be held in their usual place, at Cavern Hole in Redwall Abbey. Please be sure to visit us if ever you are passing.

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Basil had a hammerlock on a rat. He swung him and knocked two more flat on the ground. He winked at Matthias.

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Warbeak flew in from a lone wormhunt. She stood watching Matthias.In the cluttered study the old mouse produced a yellowed volume. "Our old friend Sister Germaine's translation of the original Redwall Abbey blueprints. I think I've found what we are looking for in the main diagram. See."Basil finished his ale and yawned. "Now get some sleep, Matthias. I'm fagged out after that snack. My old honorable war wound is beginning to play me up. I must have a bit of a snooze.""Did you see that?"

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Both creatures lay still awhile, their faces close together, breathing heavily. The sparrow was still defiant. "I get chance, Warbeak killee mouse. Sparra not give up, you see!"The Abbot beckoned urgently, "Cornflower, give me that lantern, child. Quickly!"

The Chief had a plan. Like all of his schemes it would be cunningly simple and wickedly brilliant. There was no better general than Cluny when it came to strategy.

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