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Cluny could vaguely discern a huddled figure tangled in the wreckage. Speculation was useless; he speeded up his pace."I was there. Shadow sees all."Suddenly Matthias was face to face with the giant adder."The Field of Dead Mice!"IOThe prisoners slumped dejectedly upon the Abbey grass, awaiting the break of dawn and the coming of Cluny the Scourge."Who are you, where are you?"

"Ragear! Mangefur! Take twenty rats and forage for supplies. The rest of you get inside the church. Redtooth, Dark-claw, check the armor. See if there are things about that we can use as weapons: iron spike railings - there's usually enough of them around a churchyard. Jump to it."Matthias could only shake his head. He could not think what the circles might mean.The vixen watched Cluny's eyes closing under the influence of her medicine. These warlords were all the same - they never gave credit for brains to anyone except themselves. There the big oaf was, snoring like a fox cub in his earth on a winter's night.He was knocked flat upon his back. Massive needle-pointed talons tore the medal from his grasp. Captain Snow landed in front of Matthias, raising the dust with his vast wings. The young mouse found it hard to believe that such an awesome and impressive bird existed."Oh, of course," Matthias agreed. He had taken enormously to the hare. Basil sprang up in a smart military fashion and saluted.

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'晻 at intervals as the sleek form of an otter surfaced and divedThe young sparrow launched herself off the ridge. She went into a series of zooming circles and performed a few acrobatic turns for her companion's benefit."I think we must be somewhere near the mouse Abbey," Fangburn said.

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"It looks as if he's been drowned, Brother. Quick, get some help and bring lanterns. Hurry!"Redwall stood foursquare along the marches of the old south border, flanked on two sides by Mossflower Wood's shaded depths. The other half of the Abbey overlooked undulating sweeps of meadowland, its ancient gate facing the long dusty road on the western perimeter.

"There's no place like home," he said thankfully. "What a splendid pathfinder you are, my friend."


Matthias was delighted. "Martin's tapestry, back here at the Abbey? How marvelous! I'll bet old Methuselah is over the moon to have it back once more."Suddenly panic gripped him. The wounded badger had seized the blade regardless of its keen edge. Constance pulled Redtooth in close. She gave a sideways push, snapping the cutlass blade in two pieces. Kicking the rat over on his back, she flung the broken blade away and grabbed the rodent's tail tightly with both paws.There it was, supple shining black leather, chased and trimmed with the purest silver. The scabbard fitted perfectly into the well-made holder on the belt. This was truly the equipment which had belonged personally to Martin the Warrior of Redwall Abbey!And Cluny was a fearsome figure.Two mice within Redwall.

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Matthias gradually found that once he could keep pace with the speedy delivery of Sparra language it was relatively simple. Some of the Sparra chattered with such rapidity that Matthias was sure they could not understand themselves.

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215Straining his neck downwards at an uncomfortable angle, Ragear was able to get his teeth into the tough climbing rope. If he could manage to free himself he might be able to sneak ; back and join the horde. He could mingle with them and deny that he had ever been missing. Cluny might also take a lenient view of his desertion if he could distinguish himself during the battle."Now, you drop out of sight," Jess gasped. "I'll draw

ng the pillowcase bundle to his pole, he hefted it across ood shoulder and struck offboldly through Mossflower towards the north-east.

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