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Dunwing joined him. They both lay completely exhausted as the wind howled around them, stunned by the danger they had come through.Dunwing attempted to press for justice. "King eat gift. Now mouse go free?""Did you find out where he is?"Their leader glanced out at the hedgehog. He scratched some hasty calculations on the wall with his claw, then turned to Matthias. "Oi I think we can get yon 'edgepig back, sur. You'm get us outen the gate and stan' watch."Cluny had secretly questioned Fangbum about the conversation that had gone on between Sela and her son. There was no doubt about it, the foxes were trying to dupe the Warlord.

Matthias shuddered. It sounded even more fearsome than Cluny the Scourge! How could a mere mouse take the sword from this adder that Dunwing had described? The one that said "Asmodeussss"? Matthias tried to put it from his mind. Gradually sleep overtook him.Constance decided that later on they could lower some carpenters and smiths to deal with the repairs. Of late the badger had become preoccupied with an idea that was rapidly turning into an obsession. Cut off the head and the body would die. By some means she must kill Cluny the Scourge!A hail of sharp stones and pebbles whizzed upwards, rattling against the masonry as Cluny waved his tail in the meadow below. Taken unawares, several mice were felled and a mole lay stunned."Over there, to the right of that aspen. Look, they're moving again.""That is my promise, and Cluny always keeps his word. Hear me! All we face is a lot of peaceful mice and some local woodland creatures. Defeat them and I will give you rewards you never dreamed of. The enemy are not trained fighters like we are, not natural killers. There is not one among them who can lead as I lead you."

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"Skin him alive.""Then you had better let me have your names. That way I

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"Stick together," said Guosim as she and Log-a-Log drew their short rapiers. Matthias took out his dagger. They started searching the quarry for a possible hole or concealed entrance.Knows nought at all.

Again the owl had difficulty in controlling his unbridled hilarity. "Ha ha ha! The nerve of him! All right, my little warrior! It's a bet. Name your promises."

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Methuselah gave her a severe stare over the top of his glasses. "My dear Constance, kindly do not pour scorn on things you know nothing of. Leave it to those with specialized knowledge."

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Swaying hypnotically a foot from his face was the biggest, strongest; most evil-looking adder that had ever been born.The tomb of Martin the Warrior!


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