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They hurried down the nearest opening, immediately spinning around and racing back. Asmodeus was in the passage sliding towards them. They paused momentarily in the big cavern. With the shrew on one paw and the sword in the other, Matthias looked wildly about.-jBloodfeather. He steal sword from northpoint. Sword makeSmall campfires had been lighted, and breakfast was being prepared. Matthias decided that it must be nearly daybreak. Turning on his side he kept up the pretense of sleep. Ignoring the presence of the shrews he drifted back into a warm slumber.sir, lullin' them into a false sense of security! Make 'em think they're winnin*, that's the game."

Fangburn met him halfway. Cluny held up a claw, silencing him. He would get to the bottom of things without stutteringStrolling through the dappled shade of the orchard, Matthias sought out old Methuselah. Slumping down beneath a damson tree, the young mouse munched away at his lunch. Methuselah was sitting with his back against the tree, his eyes closed in an apparent doze. Without opening them he addressed Matthias. "How goes the practice war, young stavemaster?"

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"Now will you let us in, .mice? You can see we are unarmed.""What a great pity that it took so much bloodshed to unite us all. Henceforth the sparrows may come and go as they wish. They must share our food and use our Abbey, not only die roof but all of it. These good Guerrilla Shrews also - no longer will they be as gypsies roaming the woods: they will have a proper home here at Redwall as long as they wish. And now, Matthias my son, I must tell you my decision regarding you. It is my wish that you do not enter our Order as a brother!"

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Led by Constance, the defenders riled hurriedly off.tempers.

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219"Half one way, half the other. The casting vote is mine. Now let me tell you, I know we take care of our own, but the Redwall mice are a legend in Mossflower. They do no harm to any creature. In fact they do a lot of good." Log-a-Log raised his paw. "Therefore, conirades, I vote that the mouse goes free!"Clinging to the vane with one paw, Matthias jumped up and down in a frenzy. He waved frantically, shouting at the top of his voice. "Jess! It's me, Matthias. Hurry. Oh please hurry!"The captains of Redwall looked to Constance for guidance. There was no question of overriding her commands. Of all die woodlanders she was the oldest and wisest creature within the walls. The badger was slow-thinking and deliberate, but straight as a die. Her knowledge was born of vast experience, (be natural cunning of a survivor.

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Winifred the otter lay alongside Constance and whispered to her, "Hear that scraping! Cluny's lot are putting something against the walls. It's my guess they'll be trying to climb up while we've got to lie low."

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place?Friar Hugo's cry galvanized the fox into action. He grabbed the sack and fled from the Abbey.208

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