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A picture of a mouse?"Listen, rat, you don't scare me! I'll give you our answer. You get nothing! Now do you understand that?"while some ugly great rodent and his band of yahoos run about conquering my countryside? Huh, never let it be said in the mess that Basil Stag Hare was backward in coming forward! Ask away, Matthias, you young curmudgeon."For the first time in many days, Matthias laughed heartily. He felt so good within himself. After all the action and mental strain, travel and grief, he felt suddenly reborn, larger than life and brimming with new-found self-confidence. Certainly there were great difficulties and hard tasks ahead of him; when the time came he would handle them. For the present he was satisfied with this feeling of immense happiness.Cluny might be making promotions. There were now three rat officers on the list of the dead.

Out in the safety of the meadow, Killconey attempted to soothe Cluny's ego. "Ah, what a sly ould move of yours,Matthias had better nocturnal vision than either of his friends. He was the first to recognize the forlorn figure that rolled on to the grass.The piece of tapestry lay upon the road. Cluny snatched it , up eagerly. Behind him he could hear the gatehouse bolts being withdrawn amid the shouts of angry mice. Ruthlessly he kicked at Shadow's broken body.

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Brother Alf and Matthias stood proudly beside their catch amid the culinary hustle and bustle until they were noticed by Friar Hugo. Busy as he was, the enormously fat Hugo (who would have no other title but that of Friar) stopped what he was doing. Wiping the perspiration from his brow with a dandelion that he held with his tail, he waddled about inspecting the fish.Matthias snorted indignantly. "Poor little sparrow, my eye! Listen, Miss, if I let .that young hussy off her lead for five minutes, we'd all be murdered in our beds."

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Dunwing was waiting for him. She tied it firmly around his waist. Matthias tested the knot apprehensively as the sparrow told him what she proposed to do.

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26Although Matthias had to agree with Foremole, he con-Methuselah's words caused widespread consternation. There was much agitated nibbling of paws. Nobody could doubt he spoke the truth; he was already old and wise when the"Yurr moles, get outten th' loight. Let'n um dog at bone thurr."

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The young fieldmouse wagged her ladle. "Put that dagger away and stop your climbing, you little scamp."

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The sudden warmth flooded over Matthias, cheering him onwards. Humming a tune beneath his breath, he strode out with a will, almost breaking from the cover of the trees straight out into the flat meadowland. He checked himself just in time. Directly ahead lay a vast overgrown area which was neither pasture nor meadow. It was the common land mat had once belonged within the curtilage of St. Ninian's.Jess Squirrel knocked the rat flat with both her feet. She sank her teeth into the bully's back. A pack of rats leaped upon Jess. They dragged her off their screaming companion and beat at her with their spear butts and cutlass handles.

At the center of the front rank stood a rat who had been wounded in the first encounter at the Abbey, He whispered out of the comer of his mouth to his comrade-in-arms alongside him, "Huh, leads us, my foot! Last time we attacked he stood well out of the way, back in some meadow."

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