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Matthias plunged downwards, his feet where his head had been a second before. A chunk of stone hurtled past him on its flight to earth. The rope went taut with a jolt that drove the breath from him. Matthias dangled on the rope's end for a moment, then he started to slip slowly down.Silence fell once more. Matthias cleared his throat. "Er, ahem. Guerrilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower, forgive me: as you see, I am a.stranger in these parts. I do not intentionally trespass on your land. Had I known I would have taken a different route. You have probably noticed by my habit that I come from Redwall Abbey. Though I am a warrior, we are a healing and helping order. It is usual for all creatures to allow a Redwall mouse to pass in peace. This is the unwritten law."Cluny ranted and swore. Leaving his standard, he rushed across the meadow. Taking the ditch in a single leap, he darted across the road. Grasping a hanging rope he began hauling himself up, claw over claw. As the solitary beaver gnawed through the last strands, the rope parted. Cluny fell from a fair height and sprawled on the dusty road in an undignified heap."Well, warrior mouse. What do you think of your brave Redwall defenders now? Huh, not much, I imagine! I'm going to let you stay up there and witness some drastic changes."Despite the danger of the enterprise, the young mouse actually enjoyed the ride across the river on the tree trunk. Several of the shrews dug lines out of their packs and fished successfully, amassing quite a tidy little catch before the ferry nosed into the opposite bank with a gentle bump. The shrews disembarked and Matthias helped Log-a-Log to conceal the ferry in some bulrushes.Cheers for Matthias's speech rang to the rafters. Constance sprang up beside him, shouting heartily, "That's the spirit, friends! Now let's see you all back out there at your posts. We'll be wide awake this time, and heaven help any dirty rats that come marching up to Redwall this day!"

56The hours slipped by as the three conversed. Matthias learned much of the Sparra customs and way of life.Abbot Mortimer lay in the cloister gardens surrounded by his mice and woodland friends. Everyone was there, from Queen Warbeak and Log-a-Log to Cornflower and Silent Sam, down to the humblest mouse. The poison barb on Cluny's tail had done its deadly work. The Father Abbot was dying.The moonlight illuminated the scene clearly. She was alone. Where was the mouse Abbot?

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"At least you seem to lead a peaceful life," he said hopefully.

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Constance's back hairs bristled. She gave an angry growl followed by a fierce bark. The mice huddled together with fright. Nobody had ever seen a snarling, angry badger at a Council meeting.Matthias did a cartwheel. He whooped withjoy. "Methuselah, you're a magician, an ancient wizard."

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Before he could be silenced he yelled out in a panic-stricken shout, "Matthias, Guosim's dead! I've just seen her in that cave! She's dead! Guosim is dead!""Phut!"The mole team dug their claws into the gap, chanting together as they heaved with a will.

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"Er, sorry, Father Abbot. I tripped, y'see. Trod on my Abbot, Father Habit. Oh dear, I mean. ..."

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"I'd say about here. Would you agree?"The Joseph Bell boomed out the lunch hour.

Cluny actually smiled. Sela shuddered.

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