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Killconey cackled and slapped his thigh. "Well now, aren't you the big comical rabbit? Let me tell you, my fine gentleman bucko, you won't be hah0 so funny when the Scourge is done with you. No sir!"Sam wanted to go up on the wall, but his parents had forbidden it. Slipping out of Great Hall, he passed the time for a bit, listening with an ear to the ground in the company of die moles. But Sam soon became bored. He stabbed at the earth with his tiny dagger, imagining that rats were popping up from make-believe tunnels. After a while he wandered over to the foot of the wall and sat sharing some food with Jess. The little squirrel signaled to his parent, asking her what she wanted the big barrel for.Later, as they all ate, her eyes grew wide with amazement. She had never seen anyone shift such vast amounts of food, not even Constance or Ambrose Spike. They were huge eaters, but mere amateurs compared with Basil Stag Hare.

Refusing Methuselah's help, the young mouse left the old one gazing at the torn tapestry. He tottered off unsteadily in the direction of the dormitory.They sat silent awhile, both racking their brains. Matthias mentioned something that was bothering him as he looked at the graven lines. "What I cannot understand is that sort of dash. Look: '/- am that is.' Do you see, there is a small dash between the words T and 'am.' In fact the same dash occurs three times throughout the rhyme: here, here and here." Matthias pointed.

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He struck for the world of light and freedom!67The captains shivered at the sound of the voice. Cluny leaned forward. "Did you see the walls of that Abbey today?"

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Redtooth and Fangburn were both unhappy and uncomfortable. For the last hour Sela had led them through stinging nettles, swarms of midges and marshy ground. They blundered along, hacking at the undergrowth with cutlass and spear.

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Log-a-Log gave a strangled sob. hi the dim distance of the tnnnel, Asmodeus could be seen advancing slowly but surely towards them.At Cluny's feet were the Vole family. They were bound. He flicked his tail at them and sneered. "Ha, look at me, you spineless little creatures! Did you ever see such a leader of fighting animals as Cluny the Scourge? Soon I will have every creature that moves down on its bended knees to me.""I think we'd best head back for the Abbey," she said firmly. "Father Abbot'U want to know about this straightaway.""Go and boil your head, rat!" came Constance's gruff reply.

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Matthias shrugged. "The wall, I suppose."

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Throughout the long afternoon, Matthias lay hidden at the base of a lilac bush. He was within calling distance of shrews secreted a short distance away, as they were of their neighbors farther along. Fully a half mile of the bank was covered in this fashion. Whoever spotted Asmodeus was to report, after letting one minute elapse, to Matthias, who was positioned roughly at the center of the line. Guosim and Log-a-Log were stationed on either flank.Basil Stag Hare had the answer. He produced a beautifully made knife. It was very small, encased in a cunningly crafted willow bark sheath. The hare beckoned Sam. "C'm'ere, you

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